Thrive top 10 health and wellness tips for 2019

Thrive top 10 health and wellness tips for 2019 Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

1 – Go easy on yourself
It’s that time of year again when healthy becomes a commitment. We’ve all got that fresh start effect and want to make big changes, whether it’s  loosing weight, starting that health routine or just to work less. Sometimes, this can really mount on the pressure.  These challenges can build up the pressure if we don’t hit the targets we set, it can have serious effects on future changes we make. Go easy on yourself.  Think and plan small, have a long term aim and plan for small steady changes, and remember it’s about changing habits and a lifestyle that gets results.

2 – Drink more water
This is one that never seems to go away and that’s because it’s so important. Water is our lifeblood and our bodies are made up of 75% water. We all need water to produce saliva and to help digest the food that we eat. We also need it for internal body regulation, flushing out and detoxifying the body and for proper brain and liver function. A basic guideline is to aim to drink 1 litre per 50lbs of bodyweight and that’s before exercise. Keeping the body hydrated also helps the heart to pump blood through the blood vessels and to the muscles more easily. Plus, it helps the muscles work efficiently. So the next time you go to the gym don’t forget your water bottle!

Thrive top 10 health and wellness tips for 2019 Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine


3 – Eat or drink more green veggies
Consuming more vegetables and fruit can prolong life. According to researchers at University College London, fresh vegetables have the strongest protective effect, followed by salad and then fruit, yet most people fail to consume the recommended 5 portions per day.

Despite the evidence that people who eat at least five portions a day have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers, the National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that just 30% of adults and 41% of older adults meet the “5-a-day” recommendation. The situation for children is even worse. Just 10%, of boys and 7% of girls meet the “5-a-day”recommendation.

Drinking green smoothies is a great way to close that gap and pack more nutrients into your day, flooding your body with a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to give you an amazing boost.

4 – Improve your gut health
There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the gut brain and how it influences mood and appetite. The little brain in our stomach consists of a network of neurons that line your stomach and your gut wall and in connection with the big brain in our head, can determine our mental state and play a key role in certain diseases that can occur throughout the body. So, it’s vitally important to keep your gut nourished and in good shape inside. The prime way to do this is through the food that we eat.

5 – Choose to buy natural and animal-friendly products
We’re all about championing natural and authentic products at Thrive Magazine and we only use brands that have a pure intention to offer products that are natural and are not tested on animals. We look to work with brands that have an intention to help make the world a healthier place and by doing so we can bring you some of the latest products in health, food and natural nutrition.

Be aware of what you buy, where you buy if from and what effect it can have on your body and the environment. The easiest way to become aware is to always ask WHY? Why is this ingredient inside this product, why are the marketing it in this way and what will it offer to my health? Stay Curious and keep learning.  We’re here to help you become health wise.

6 – Unplug once in a while
We live in a busy and demanding world. Digital technology demands more and more attention and sucks up more of our daily time, this has a direct effect on our brain chemistry and can cause anxiety and stress. Choose to disconnect every once in a while, maybe foe at least a few hours a day. Put down the tablets, laptops and get out in nature or read a book. It has been proven to have a positive effect not just on our heath and our mind-set but also on our close relationships too.

7 – Manage stress levels – meditate more.
We live extraordinary lives. Busy, information packed, stressful lives. It’s a busy time in Western society and our daily routines reflect this.

Meditation has been shown to calm the mind, lower blood pressure and help us to remain positive. There are a number of meditation apps available to help you get started with meditation or just hope over to YouTube and do a search. The main thing to remember with meditation is don’t put pressure on yourself to succeed.  It’s just about being – let thoughts come and go in your mind without any judgement at all. It’s ok to just be and not do for a change.

Thrive top 10 health and wellness tips for 2019 Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine


8 – Eat more herbs & spices
Herbs have been used for hundreds of years to help us through all stages of life, but in the 21st Century more and more women are looking to herbal alternatives to help relieve stress and gain more energy. In addition to cooking with herbs, drinking herbal tea is a great place to start! Try a ginger and lemon tea for brekkie or a chamomile to calm the nerves.

Spices are also gaining a wider recognition for health now too. Turmeric has had a great time in the limelight and turmeric teas and milk drinks became popular and are great for an antioxidant boost.

Thrive top 10 health and wellness tips for 2019 Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

9 – Move more.
Ok, we’ve all regretted booking that gym class, but how good do you feel when you’ve actually forced yourself along and completed the work-out. Exercise release happy hormones and gets our blood moving around our bodies. You don’t have to run a marathon, just fit in 15 minutes of active movement each night or morning. Take the stairs, walk to work, get the bike out of the shed – it’s about creating a habit of exercise so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Your metabolism will increase and you’ll find that overall you have more energy over time.

10 – Get a better night sleep
Getting enough sleep has a positive effect on everything from brain function and heart health to emotional well-being. It improves our memory and alertness, curbs inflammation, reduces stress and obesity and generally helps us to live healthier and longer! While we sleep our brain is working to renew our cells (hello beautiful skin!), repair muscle and tissue, build new neural pathways and complete a whole host of other jobs vital for good health!

If you’re having trouble sleeping try some relaxing yoga, a warm bath and a good book to help your body unwind – and get in touch with your local complementary therapist!

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