The truth of my juicing journey

The truth of my juicing journey Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Let’s be honest with each other here, no journey is completely smooth, there are always bumps, curves, corners and learning points and a juicing journey is no different.

I guess you could buy a manual, some books and learn from others but there’s nothing like doing it yourself right. And everyone finds their own way of juicing and preferred juicer anyway. I’ve been juicing for years, in fact I’m pretty sure I’ve done my 10,000 hours to master it but I still hadn’t found the perfect way to juice! I’ve burnt my way through a number of juicers in the past, some big and bulky and some noisy and strong.  When it comes to juicing there’s two main key points for me – high yield of juice and it has to be super easy to clean. I want to be able to ‘wash and go’! So, for me it’s about quantity, quality and speed. Enter the new slow cold pressed juicer called UNO from Juico. Without doubt the slimmest juicer I’ve seen (oh I forgot another key thing for me – it needs to share my kitchen space with a zillion other gadgets!)

Straight out of the box, the UNO is light and easy to assemble. If I had to compare it to a person, it’s like one of those amazing shy but powerful women that you read about in ‘Forbes’ – it looks slim and sassy but my gosh it’s strong and you just know it’s going to change the world in some way!).

So here’s my breakdown of the key performance of the UNO:

Noise levels
It’s super quiet compared to my other juicers, a constant buzz more than a raging growl.

Juice extraction
A juice high yield on this baby, it produces smooth, pith free juice every time.

Fruit vs Veg
It tackled kale easily, without the need to pack it into a tight ball, simply feed the leaves through slowly. Lemons – once cut up into wedges, fed through without any issues and it minced its way through apples and sliced beetroot too.

Leaves a dry pulp, meaning all of the goodness is kept in the juice.

It says that it’s self-cleaning, but is it really? Well it’s doing a grand job so far; it removes most of the pulp before rinsing. The rubber stopper underneath is easily untucked and cleaning is stress free and quick.

If I had to bet my money on a juicer for the future, it’s going to be the UNO. In a gadget loaded world where our focus is on speed and quality in equal measures, juicers need to match this and so far the UNO is the only one that I’ve found does.

Check out the Juico UNO at and it’s actually on sale right now with £80 discount. Quote code #THRIVE to get an additional 10% off and a free set of juicing knives worth £59.99

*Trial juicer donated by Juico to Thrive for  testing.

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