The natural and delicious way to stay hydrated this Spring

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Stur is designed in these handy little bottles to help you drink more water – where-ever and when-ever you need to stay hydrated. At home, at your desk, at the gym, travelling on the train or car or out on a summer picnic.

Everyone can take their favourite and just add to tap or bottled water. It is recommended that we drink two litres of fluids a day and that rises during a hot summers day or when you are exercising in the heat. Just a small loss (1-2%) of body weight through sweat can affect you. Stur. Drink more water. Naturally!

stur acai

NEW Iced Grape Acai
The delicious taste acai berry hailing originally from South America, the açaí berry has long been considered as a superfood. We tasted it and felt it had a delicious rich berry taste – think of a very full-flavoured raspberry or blackberry. We combined acai with the rich flavours from frozen grapes and the combination is a truly delicious way to help you drink more water, naturally!

stur skinny

NEW Improved Skinny Citrus Skinny
Stur has added soluble fibre and saffron extract to help you manage your weight. Both aid satiety which, along with drinking more water, is a proven aid to managing your weight. The healthy and delicious way to drop a few pounds this summer.

stur watermelon

BEST SELLER – Simply Strawberry Watermelon
Since we launched this version two years ago it has become one of our top sellers. Both fruits are seasonal summer fruits and deliciously juicy and sweet. We keep that amazing taste but take away all that sugar. Zero calories.

Stur is 100% natural, it’s free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, caffeine, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Our delicious little flavours are also approved by the Vegetarian Society and is suitable for Vegans. Stur helps manage blood sugar and is suitable for ketogenic diets.


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