The health benefits of a morning swim

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Starting the day with a burst of exercise is so beneficial for your body and mind. A quick morning swim is the perfect way to start your day with a positive frame of mind. Plus, the endorphins from the exercise will be swimming around your body helping you to face the day ahead.

5 reasons to dive straight in…

1 – Swimming is a full body work out, offering all of your muscles a chance to stretch, whether you swim a gentle breaststroke or go for it with front crawl, you will get a full body workout.

2 – Swimming is the perfect way to de-stress and relax. If life seems just too overwhelming just now, take to the water. Swimming has been shown to lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve your sleep patterns too. Just a light swim brings all of the mental benefits.

3 – Swimming can lower the risk of disease. As well as being a great form of cardiovascular exercise, swimming just 30 minutes a week can help to guard against heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

4 – Increases your energy levels. Inactivity is often responsible for lack of energy. Just 30 minutes of swimming three times per week can boost your energy levels and increase your metabolic rate.

5 – It doesn’t really feel like exercise. We all remember swimming when young, it was about the fun, the freedom of being in the water and doesn’t really feel like exercise, but wow it so is. It’s a full body and mind work out when you swim, and it releases the feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin. So, get yourself an amazing fitting cosi’ and dive in. You won’t regret it.

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Go and dive straight in! 🙂