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The future will belong to the nature smart – those individuals, families, businesses and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the Natural World and who balance the virtual with the real. The more digital we become, the more nature we need” – Richard Louv – Author and Founder of Children & Nature NetworkVisit


Throughout history, human beings have spent 99% of their time in a natural environment. Bodies have adapted to nature over millions of years making man a being of nature. When we come in contact with nature, whether in a forest, park or garden, our nervous system relaxes, and has a chance to self-regulate. Nature is a place where we feel at home.


According to the World Health Organisation Stress is considered to be the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century”. In the UK alone, according to the Health and Safety Executive, data from 2017 revealed that stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 40% of all work related ill health cases, and 49% of all working days lost due to ill health. The World Economic Forum said in 2016 that workplace burn out and stress are costing the global economy an average 255 Billion Pounds a Year.


Researchers around the world are taking a close look at the health benefits of being in nature. Proposals like Stephen Kaplan’s Attention Restoration Theory where he proposes that being in nature has a direct impact in recovering the executive function of our brain.

The 2015 Stanford University Study that showed that a walk in nature, when compared to a walk in the city, had a direct impact on the activity of the pre-frontal cortex, showing decreased activity when compared to activity after a walk in the city. This area of the brain is associated with the well known ruminating thoughts that are proven to be related to the onset of stress, depression and anxiety.

Japanese investigators have discovered the health benefits of phytoncides. These are volatile compounds released by trees that have a direct impact on our immune system boosting the production and activity of NK Cells, responsible for fighting off infections and cancer cells. Scientists are understanding that being in nature supports the body to self-regulate, and that in itself carries great potential and hope for human health. These are exciting times for the field of nature based preventative health strategies.

Renature was born because it’s founder Geeta Stilwell herself recovered from a stress induced burn-out through the restorative power of nature, embodiment and clean eating.

“One day I realised my executive function was gone… the function of my brain responsible for taking decisions, planning, overseeing situations, multitasking was simply not there anymore… I had no memory, was unable to follow a conversation in a meeting, looking at a spreadsheet or having to read through a memo became painfully torturous… it scared
me tremendously.… What would I do if my ability to work disappeared? My patience levels were rock  bottom, mood swings and every day I was waking up more and more tired.. tired in my body, my mind and my soul.

I decided to take a break in Nature and for 21 days I switched off the digital matrix and everyday life pre-occupations and switched into nature. Simply being in nature, engaging my senses and full presence, gentle Forest Bathing walks, meditation, embodiment, being in silence, eating good food, gentle yoga and stretching, practicing conscious resting and having good nights of sleep. When I got back, during my first meeting atwork I noticed I was back.. I could follow a conversation, engage
and envision what the team was talking about. Simply put, I know this works.”

Our Mission at Renature is to offer immersive experiences that invite us to rediscover the restorative power of the body and mind when in nature.

We are team of dedicated and experienced professionals that create safe restorative programs based on our life experience and
love for the practices we offer.

1 – Nature Connection Experiences through Forest Bathing
2 – Embodiment and Conscious Resting
3 – Clean Eating

What is Forest Bathing? Inspired in the Japanese practice Shinrin-Yoku, that literally means taking in the forest through the senses, it is a guided walk where we develop a mindful and a sensory and conscious connection to nature. The aim is to slow down, awaken the senses and return to the awareness of what it means to be in the present moment, allowing for a re-tuning with the natural rhythm of life.

Currently in Japan, this practice is the cornerstone for preventative healthcare, especially to combat stress, anxiety and depression and related pathologies.


The practice of Embodiment is about bringing consciousness to the body and to the present moment. It is an effective tool to support us to connect with the intelligence of the body and through it build resilience to deal with the challenges of the demanding world we live in.

This practice can be integrated in our daily life in a simple way allowing us to foster consciousness, focus and vitality.


Scientific research indicates that what we eat directly affects how we think and feel, how we look and also how we behave. What we place on our fork has a direct impact in our wellbeing, not only at a cellular level but also on our vitality as a whole. It determines how we feel, our energy levels, limiting or contributing to the strength we have to face our everyday challenges.

Our Programs include:
3 Hour – Forest Therapy Walk Experience
1 Day – Slow Day Experience that includes a Forest Therapy Walk, Clean Eating
Picnic and Class and an Embodiment & Conscious Resting Class
2 Day – Digital Detox Program
5 Day – Restorative Nature Week Program

Corporate Programs:
Nature Based Stress Management Programs for Corporate Teams
One to One Coaching:
Embodiment and Nature Connection Online Coaching Sessions.

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