Raw food meets creativity

Raw Vegan Blonde

Meet Amber Locke, Amber is the creator behind the blog Raw Vegan Blonde and has recently been combining raw food with her amazing creative ability, to create gorgeous raw food art. We caught up with Amber to chat about carrots and her talent to create…

I’ve been a passionate foodie all my adult life and love to cook and eat out in restaurants. When I ‘discovered’ the raw food lifestyle nearly 2 years ago I decided to give it a go and try it out as an experiment but I was so blown away by how incredible it made me feel (it’s like Nature’s happy pill!) that I just carried on. The beauty of raw food is that it’s such a great and delicious way to fuel yourself and it’s a really easy lifestyle to follow. We’re all encouraged to incorporate more fruit and veg into our diets and in their raw form they’re typically more nutrient-dense, alkalising and easier to digest so they feed and nourish your body with pure, living, high-vitality foods, which it absolutely loves!

As well as the fantastic health benefits of eating raw, it also gives you incredible energy, improved mental clarity and a general feeling of calmness, harmony and well-being – so it really is ‘feel-good’ food! Preparing raw food is also really simple; it’s quick, easy and requires very little washing up. There’s virtually no waste and there are no complicated recipes to navigate. Another big bonus is that it’s a diet of abundance and gives you complete ‘food freedom’, so you can eat as much as your appetite dictates and never have to worry about counting a calorie again. A huge relief!


I started composing fruit and vegetable based designs about 16 months ago and this really happened by chance. I love the beauty of natural elements and fruit and vegetables have great aesthetic appeal to me. I’m constantly amazed and delighted by their different shapes, colours, textures and characters etc. So I wasn’t surprised one day when I got the urge to create something artistic with them! I posted a picture on my Instagram and was amazed at the response it got. I composed a few more designs and things just grew from there.

“My designs aim to showcase the unique qualities of different fruit and vegetables, reflect the changing seasons of the year and are also a celebration of living a healthy lifestyle and I really hope my passion for this shines through in my work”

I now offer a selection of my designs for sale as limited edition fine art prints and undertake both private and commercial commissions. This year I’ve started to demonstrate designs at live events throughout the UK and I’m also just about to hold my first design workshop. I have my first gallery show too and I’m currently working on a series of new designs to launch this Spring/Summer, so watch this space.

Raw food meets creativity Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Find out more about Amber and take a look at her amazing foodie designs at: www.ambaliving.com
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