Simple ways to boost your energy levels

Spring Cleanse detox

As we slowly come out of our self induced hibernation, wanting to feel renewed and energetic for the upcoming Summer months. A great way to achieve that is with a spring cleanse! A cleanse can help to clear out toxins, wake up the digestive system and renew our physical and mental energy.

What is a toxin?
A toxin is any substance that creates irritating and or harmful effects in the body. They come from normal metabolic processes as well as the obvious suspects like alcohol or chemicals. They may even come from the environmental pollution around us. Our body has specific organs responsible for clearing out these toxins (liver, kidneys, and colon) and are plenty efficient and capable of keeping these elimination processes running smoothly. But why not give them a little help once in awhile?

How do I know I need a cleanse?
There are mixed reviews on the validity and efficacy of cleanses and whether they really do help to eliminate extra toxins from the body at all. What it will come down to is how you feel. Are you sleeping better? Do you have more energy? These should guide how a cleanse is measured.

A few questions to ask yourself are:
1. Are you sleeping, uninterrupted for 7-8 hours a night?
2. Do you wake up in the morning feeling rested?
3. Do you feel energetic throughout the day?
4. Is your energy level consistent throughout the day?

If your answer is ‘no’ to some of these questions, you might want to try something different from your regular routine. Then, gauge any differences you notice in general health and wellbeing.

What benefits can I expect from a cleanse?
There are many ways a cleanse can be helpful within the body. Common candidates include:
• Increased energy levels
• Weight loss
• Improved sleep
• Reduced inflammation
• Optimized digestion
• Decreased bloating
• Boosted immune system
• Clearing of skin blemishes

How to choose the right cleanse?
There are so many different cleanses out there that it can be overwhelming to pick one. Choosing a cleanse that is right for you and your lifestyle is important. Your individual state of health, symptoms, and overall goals should be taken into account before deciding which cleanse to commit to. It should be sustainable, nutritionally adequate and leave you feeling like you’ve just rebooted your

Helpful tips for a successful cleanse.
1. Meal planning
2. Food preparation
3. Extra sleep/rest
4. Stress reducing activities (yoga, meditation, light walks)
On an emotional level, a cleanse can be great for jump starting your mental awareness and leaving you feeling more focused. It can change that relationship with food that so many of us have – connecting food to sustenance and nourishment instead of emotions.

This renewed mental clarity is just another way a cleanse can leave you feeling refreshed.Being physically and mentally prepared for a cleanse is a great way to set yourself up for success. Of course, it is always a good idea to consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning a cleanse or for added support throughout the process.

What’s commonly included in a cleanse?
Utilising a cleanse to feel healthier should include the following:
• Nutritionally balanced meals that include an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Increased water intake.
• Eating organic, lean meats.
• Avoiding sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol.
• Eating good quality fats such as raw nuts and seeds, coconut oil, and avocados.

Thank to Melani Dupuis for this feature. Melani  is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who passionately believes that delicious food can also be nutritious! She works closely with her clients to implement healthy eating patterns in a way that is easy and fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. Find out more about Melani on her website, or see what she’s been cooking on instagram (@freshnew_me)