Overcoming the Winter Blues

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We are all a result of our own thoughts and actions. Thinking about Winter Blues, what are your thoughts, that shape your actions, opinions and inner critic?

• Is it the short dark days?
• The cold & gloom?
• Loneliness?
• Memories?
• Money worries?
• Pressure; providing; expectancy?
• Gaining weight; conforming to fit in?
• Last but not least- depression and health?

Whatever it is, how can we change the thoughts around the inner voice of Winter….

Are you a humbug or prepared to be a master?
The Welsh call a hug a ‘cwtch’,  but the deep meaning is so much more than giving a hug. It’s more the association of the atmosphere and attitude that brings about the changes in the mind and body when its embraced and allowed to be created.

According to experts, hugging increases the production of oxytocin, which has incredible health benefits, including reducing stress and the feeling of belonging, food for the soul. What if we can master the effects of a hug by bringing it into your everyday life, impacting on life and feeling the changes not only through winter, but all year round.

Master the ‘cwtch’ mindset
1) When you hug or cwtch someone and in turn receive a hug, what does it mean, feel to you? How does that level of receiving and giving love reflect on each of your senses? Write it out…

For me it appears as warmth, cosy fires, hot toddies, comfort, love, joy, warm colours such as reds and oranges, hot soup, time with friends and family, laughing, singing out loud, sunny days, nurturing, mince pies, thick winter socks, cuddling my dog.

2) Thinking about Winter Blues what comes into your mind? Look at the list above and add to it. Apart from the previous for me it’s the association also with the colour blue, lack of vitamin D, kids are grown up and want to do their own thing now, remembering the good ole’ days when my family spoke to each other.

3) Take list No.2 and rewrite it using the mindset of list No.1 For instance change loss to gain, change the word association e.g. freezing cold to warm cosy fires

Cheat your mind
Your mind believes what you tell it. So by telling it that you’re going to be cold and lonely it will believe that’s what you want, and give it to you, but by changing the words you can recreate new beliefs by association.

4) Write out at least 10 phrases that reframe your thoughts from No3 on sticky notes, stick them everywhere so you’ll see and say them out loud everyday.

5) Now go create it. You’ll have days when it’s harder than others to achieve this, but that’s ok too. Acknowledge it and start again. Take your time.

Your mind loves what’s familiar so by changing familiar thoughts to unfamiliar and unfamiliar to familiar, it will re-programme your mind and will have a long lasting pervasive effect on your mind, body and life.

It’s time to take 100% responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. Only you have the power.

Feature article provided by Kris Davies at www.krisdavies.com