New Year New Career – With CNM

New Year New Career – With CNM Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine


Ami Gilder, now a graduate of Nutritional Therapy from CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), explains why she made a radical decision to change her own career, and hasn’t looked back since!

I was living a fast-paced life working in the media, partying hard and feeling stressed. My health was suffering, but a nutritional therapy consultation led to a drastic improvement in my health. The experience piqued my interest and I started to think about a career change, so I went to a CNM open evening where I learned more about their Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

What really stood out about CNM was the fact that you gain so much hands-on experience. The course could give me both the knowledge and the practical skills needed to become a confident practitioner. Also, I wouldn’t have to give up my job whilst studying, as I could study at weekends.

After talking through my options with a CNM Course Consultant, I knew that I had to just go for it! It was daunting making that level of commitment but I felt that it would be worth it for what I could achieve and the opportunities available to me on graduating.
Studying was demanding and fascinating, it’s a challenge to juggle a full-time job and studies but it’s just a matter of being very organised and disciplined. During that time, I also got a job as a Course Consultant with CNM, advising other people who wanted to know more about re-training for a new career. Prospective students come from all walks of life including personal trainers, accountants, mums with young children.

They are looking for real job satisfaction, the potential for a good income, and to work flexible hours. I love dealing with people and giving them information based on my first hand experience, so now that I’ve graduated I still help out with that, in between focusing on my own business.

As a practicing Nutritional Therapist in Cheltenham, I’m now reaping the reward of all that studying and practice. I started out by giving some free advice to small groups, and a good percentage of people stuck with me as paying clients when they could see Nutrition working for them.

They recommended me to others, and I’ve already gained a reputation for helping with weight loss, and energy issues, in particular. It’s busy, but totally wonderful.

Re-training for such a worthwhile career is something that I’ll never regret. Interested in training to become a natural health practitioner? Attend a free Open Evening at your nearest CNM college, or call to speak to a Course Consultant on Tel: 01342 410 505

Ami Gilder on behalf of CNM College

New Year New Career – With CNM Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine