Mixed tomato and herb salad


The perfect Summer salad from Amber at Raw Vegan Blonde. Made with a variety of fresh chopped herbs. More healthy recipes here >>

400–500g (14oz–1lb 2oz) ripe tomatoes
200g (7oz) baby green leaf salad
1 large handful of chopped mixed herbs,
such parsley, dill and chives
1 tablespoon cold-pressed
extra virgin olive oil
1 lemon or lime
salt and pepper

How to make it

Roughly chop the tomatoes and tear any larger salad leaves into bite-sized pieces. Layer the tomatoes, salad leaves and herbs in a serving bowl, drizzling a little olive oil and adding a squeeze of lemon or lime juice between each layer as you go. Season to taste.

Protein boost.
Serve this salad with poached white fish, or sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, ricotta cheese, mozzarella or burrata also make lovely additions. This salad provides lots of healthy lycopene (from the tomatoes) and the olive oil will help this fat-soluble antioxidant to be better absorbed. To make the salad more substantial and boost its nutritional content, you could add a few handfuls of chopped young kale leaves and slices of cucumber. I like to cut grooves into the skin of the cucumber to give it a pretty frilly edge when sliced.

Thanks to Amber at Raw Vegan Blonde for this recipe.