Listening to your gut instinct

amanda tooke

Gut instinct, intuition, call it what you want, it’s our inner guidance system and if we listen to and trust it we won’t go far wrong. We came into this life far more intuitive than what we probably are now, but life took over, we got conditioned to doubt and began to ignore our feelings for the sake of fitting in.

However, many are waking up, knowing there is more to life than what we can see. People want to experience full connection with their higher self and be able to trust their inner guidance system again.

I am seeing lots of people coming to me as they are experiencing signs of spiritual awakening and they want to know more about what is happening for them. One of the common signs is becoming sensitive to foods such as caffeine, alcohol, wheat, dairy, sugar. These foods begin to cause ill effects and the body becomes super sensitive.

When we are spiritually awakening, we are sensitive to lots of things not just food, but energy shifts and moon cycles too. You can start to feel a harmony with seasons and more sensitive to all forms of life. 
So what we are fuelling our body with becomes even more important and a desire for pure and natural foods becomes more of a priority. Drinking lots of water does helps and being fully hydrated will keep you in balance.

Other signs can be a change in sleep patterns, waking at the same time throughout the night or vivid dreams with messages in them. Sparkly lights out of the corners of your eyes and a buzzing or ringing in one of your ears. Another one of the big signs is a desire to break free from restrictive patterns, life-draining jobs and toxic people or situations. You might have always been happy in your relationship or job, lived in the same place for years, now it doesn’t satisfy you and you want to be creative and free to be who you really are.

Time might feel like it is accelerating and you have to try new things and find out what you came to earth for.

If this is happening for you embrace it, enjoy it, as when you do you will experience connections and support like you never thought possible, after all we are spiritual beings having a physical reality.