Let Food be your Medicine

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Let Food be your Medicine

Marvellous Superfood is a family business based in the green hills of Ceredigion in Wales. Our team consists of Dixey Brooks, her daughters Zeta, Perly and Roxy and our blending/packing assistant Sam. Between us we embrace all of the roles within the company from answering the phone and blending the products to designing the artwork and publicly representing the company.

Since 2012 we have gone from having one product, one retailer and a small Internet presence, to supplying an ever-expanding range of products to multiple health-food shops in Wales and England, as well as exporting to shops in Ireland, Spain, Gibraltar, Tenerife, Malta and the UAE. Despite the company’s success our feet remain firmly on the ground and our ethics burn strong. We do and will always run a family business, focused on offering the highest quality products at the most feasibly affordable prices. We believe in the importance of organic products and do all we can to run the company as ethically and environmentally friendly as we possibly can.

Marvellous Superfood grew from a need for a high quality superfood blend that was affordable and accessible to all, and this continues to be our priority. We are pleased to offer a discount to those dealing with serious health challenges, and are proud to be affiliated with organisations that support individuals through these challenging times. Our wish is to share the many benefits we have experienced with as many people as possible. Including increased vitality, fewer colds and flues, speedy recovery, healthy digestive systems, clearer skin, greater immunity to help fight and prevent disease, and less cravings for unhealthy foods, to name but a few. After all Health is Wealth as the old saying goes!

Whilst our company has only been trading for the last couple of years, our original blend, Wellbeing Blend, was put together many moons ago by Dixey to provide her family, us, with a balance of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health and wellbeing. Over the years we have worked tirelessly to find growers that operate under the highest organic and ethical standards, providing us with superfoods that we delight in providing to our family and friends. The step from sourcing and blending for our own use, to packaging and distributing to the public came as a natural progression as more and more friends where asking to buy it! We love receiving emails and phone calls from our customers telling us about their personal experience of our blends, and are continuously surprised by the many and varied ways they benefit people.

Our range of health products includes, Marvellous Superfood Wellbeing Blend, Super Protein powder, organic hemp, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, red Maca powder, barley grass, wheat grass, Chlorella and spirulina. All products are of the highest quality and fully certified organic. For more details please see the ‘Shop’ page of our website.