I’ve been super juiced – Andy Morris

I’ve been super juiced – Andy Morris Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

We caught up with Super Juice star Andy Morris to talk about the Jason Vale experience and to understand what changes he’s been making to his diet!

How much had you heard about juicing before you applied for the ‘Super Juice Me’ retreat?
Well, after going to see my doctor for the umpteenth time for feeling completely out of breath, massively over-weight and exhausted, she recommended I read two books by Jason Vale. At the time I cast them aside thinking ‘how the hell is a book going to help me?’ Then just a couple of weeks later my doctor called me back into her consulting room and said that Jason Vale was going to film a documentary about how juicing could help heal the body. My doctor applied to the program on my behalf and I’m so grateful that she did.

Did you ever get offered any alternative to the medications before?
Yes, I had been previously recommended to attend a centre for chronically ill people in Mid Wales, it had a three year waiting list and involved cognitive training, but when I turned up the first day I was examined by the consultant that run the course and he sent me straight back home, I was too unwell to attend the course.

What was the ‘ah-ha’ point for you in the whole Super Juice Me experience?
I had plenty of ‘ah-ha’ moments, but the first real ‘ah-ha’ was on day three, when I was going from my room to the café, where we all had our juices, my head was up and I was breathing easy – at that point I knew something was working.

How did you feel when you read the side affects of the tablets you were on? I’m an Anaesthetic Technician, so due to my medical training I knew a lot about side effects from certain drugs, but had never actually read the sheets that come with the drugs I was taking, when I did it blew me away. I think they’d added all of the side effects they could think of as a ‘just in case’.

How many tablets do you take per day since the Super Juice Me experience and how has your life changed?
Since the retreat I’m only having to take one tablet prescribed by my doctor and the freedom I’ve gotten from not being stuck to the pharmacological apron strings is amazing. I used to walk out with about three shopping bags full of tablets, now I can go and get three months tablets and put them in my pocket.

How do you plan to share your story with others and help spread the juicing word?
Since the premier was aired it’s as if I’ve started a juicing mission of my own – I want to talk to everyone about the whole experience, it has been my re-birth and I power of juicing.

What would you say to anyone who has similar health issues and has never tried juicing?
Easy – watch the Super Juice Me documentary!

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I’ve been super juiced – Andy Morris Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine


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