Does the answer to maximum health lie in our genes?

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Since the 1980s there has been a rise in the medical model termed Personalised medicine. The ideology of personalised medicine suggests that we can follow a medical model designed specifically for us and individualised to suit our daily needs.

The rise in personalised medicine, has allowed the development of genetic DNA testing for health & nutrition. DNA testing for certain genes can now base our diets on our own individual genetic blueprint. So, does this mean that the key to our health is in our DNA?

Where did it all begin?

2000 the draft version of the Human Genome was produced, with the full version produced in 2003 following decades of research. It was thought that the scientific community would have an understanding of the origin of disease that could pave the way towards a brand-new medical model.

But, by 2013 we were only starting to see the emergence of medical research with valid and accurate genetic data. The most recent being the link between the immune system and Alzheimer’s by Cardiff University.

There is new research emerging weekly on the impact and benefit of tailoring nutrition to our genetics. As personalised medicine and functional medicine looks at all of our individual aspects of our body, knowing our genetic blue print can only enhance this personalising of nutrition and health programmes.

With the availability of DNA testing direct to the public on the rise, it’s even more important to make sure that you are choosing a reputable and qualified company. This is your health after all.

At QLU Health – They take the guesswork out of your health and wellness with their 4 industry-leading genetic DNA tests. The Qlu kits are non-invasive, home tests that use a simple swab sample method to collect your DNA. Through accredited clinical laboratories, Qlu will take the scientifically complex information and convert it into custom, actionable reports – that you can act upon. Qlu Health is on a mission to improve the health of people around the world through the power of genetics.

They offer a number of key DNA tests that cover, health fitness, illness and diseases. To allow you to take full control of your health and make positive changes.

Their DNA fitness test
This could unlock the secrets of your DNA to identify genetic predispositions for food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, ideal exercise type and more. Allowing you to train smarter, eat better and recover faster with key insights from your custom genetic report

Their gut/microbiome report
Having an imbalance in your gut bacteria is more common than you think and can cause a range of problems from joint pain, fatigue, stomach upset and plenty more. The tiny microbiomes in your gut have big impact on your body. Digestion, immune system and metabolism are all affected by gut bacteria and just like your fingerprint, everyone’s gut bacteria are unique. GutQlu gives you a detailed microbiome report analysing over 100 different organisms and provides suggestions on how to achieve optimal gut health.

Tests for Cardiovascular Disease
Healthy eating and active living are critical in maintaining cardiovascular health, but if you possess an increased predisposition for heart conditions, you may need to take additional precautions. The CardiacQlu test analyses your DNA and provides personalised information on a variety of heart related conditions, suggesting ways in which you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

The benefits of finding out your DNA.
One of the key benefits of having this information, when it is processed and delivered back to you in a readable and understandable way, is that it puts the powerful data about your health in your hands. Allowing you to take direct action on what you read. It changes health from re-active to pro-active. Make sure to use a company that will explain the data in an easy to read report and states clearly; how they test, what labs they use and how your data is stored.

It’s your health and you can now you can take full control back in changing your health for good!

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