Introducing the Digestion Detective

Introducing the Digestion Detective Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Introducing Sam Bearfoot – the Digestion Detective.

“When it comes to fixing your digestion, it can seem like this ever growing list of things you have to do in order to gain the control”.

The problem is, that list you created for yourself is very likely to fall into the category I like to call “the media friendly choices” and though they can be extremely helpful they don’t always cut the mustard. When I work with people on their digestion I want simple solutions available to all and where possible, if that solution were to have a label on it, it would say: Ingredients: 100% Mother Nature

So here’s some simple solutions for you to adopt to make change.

First up we have the humble cabbage – now I’m definitely all for eating with the season so this is perfect timing as we are now in the autumn months. Cabbage has long been known to help digestion from the stomach all the way through to the colon. Cabbage is one of the most nutrient rich veggies out there and massively supports digestion with its rich source of enzymes and powerful phytochemicals called indoles. These little beauties are said to be the cancer killers as they create anti-carcinogen activity on a cellular level. Rebuilding your gut a cellular level most definitely gets the thumbs up from me, but I hear you wincing at the thought of eating a ton of cabbage and then there’s the wind right? Fear not my friends, that is what we have
juicers for. Building in some cabbage juice over a two week period will work wonders on your digestion. Blend it up with a chunk of pineapple, add a dash of capsicum, which is great for ulcers and you have got some serious gut loving, digestion reboot juice right there!

Then we have apple cider vinegar – I learned about this trick many, many moons ago back when I first started training in nutrition. I then revisited it when I trained as a inesiologist too. It’s amazing for digestion as many of us either have low stomach acid or simply rush our food making our stomachs job ten times harder as it deals with lumpy, un-chewed food that’s been thrown down the chute. For those with reflux or indigestion, have a tablespoon of this stuff, give it 30 mins and bingo! Ask your grandmother about this little trick, she will be able to reassure you of its abilities.

Lastly I want to talk to you about parasites –
These little critters can play havoc on the best digestive system and you will have to trust me when I say you do have them. We are mammals, every mammal has them, but the thing I find most strange is that we worm our cats and dogs pretty frequently right? Has it ever occurred to you that you need to de-worm yourself? Probably not. Now before you begin to panic, it’s really no big deal and very easily dealt with. A parasite problem pops up in my clinic all the time, so you are not alone with this, but now you want to know if you could potentially have a parasite problem, so here are the basics:

Do any of these fit with you:
• Nose picking
• Itchy bottom
• Bloating/Cramping
• Irritated skin
• Grind your teeth
• Eat pork
• Ever had food positioning

My opinion is if you have any of those or have never done a parasite cleanse then you are probably due for one. To do this effectively you must follow the guidelines as this is no ordinary cleanse. Parasite cleanse supplement regime – black walnut, wormwood, garlic, olive leaf. Parasite diet regime – you must avoid all sugars both artificial and fruit sugars as these will feed the parasites. Be sure to eat pumpkin seeds daily as these are the anti-parasite treats from nature. Parasite regime timeline – you will need to do 2 weeks on, 1 week off then 2 weeks back on again. This ensures that all unwanted lodgers are killed off. Doing this without the break or just doing this for the first 2 weeks can be a bit of a waste of time. You need that week in the middle to allow any larva to hatch and follow up with the cleanse for a further 2 weeks to evict those newbies to. The great thing with this cleanse is most display a flatten tummy and weight loss as a bonus side effect!

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Introducing the Digestion Detective Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine
Sam bearfoot is a general practitioner with a specialist interest in integrative medicine, she is one of the UK’s leading holistic doctors. Dr Roked has extensive knowledge of both conventional and holistic medicines and combines the two for the best possible improvement in her clients’ health. Her NHS experience made her realise what was lacking in conventional medicine, such as nutritional and lifestyle advice and how to empower people to take control of their own health.

Keeping your body moving is the best way to keep feeling full of vitality, energy and life.

Find Sam at Sam presents a great health show on Health Radio UK Or follow her on twitter @DigestionDetect or

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