Hydrate • Detox • Lose Weight – The natural way with STUR Drinks

Hydrate • Detox • Lose Weight - Thrive Nutrition and Health Magazine

As the new year fast approaches you’ll no doubt be seeing plenty of ideas for helping you detox and lose weight, but honestly, the easiest and cheapest way is to simply drink more water.

Apart from the obvious benefit of keeping you correctly hydrated and flushing out your entire system, drinking more water has also been shown to aid weight loss, kick-start your metabolism and most certainly improves the appearance of your skin. Stur is the simple and delicious way to help you drink more water and naturally!

  • Made solely with natural fruit flavours and lightly sweetened with the highest quality, natural stevia leaf extract. It has 0 calories, No added sugar and in addition, every squeeze of Stur contains 100% of your recommended daily dose of vitamin C. It’s the perfect way to stay hydrated throughout your day.
  • Drinking more cold water aids in weight-loss. It boosts metabolism, helps flush out toxins and replaces your usual beverages that may have higher calories.
  • Natural hunger control – Each serving contains 1g of soluble fibre, consuming 10g of fibre a day in your diet has been clinically proven to delay hunger!
  • Saffron Extract – May also help with the sense of satiety and reduces the urge to snack or over-eat at meals.
  • NO added sugar. 0 calories – Whilst we use real fruit we leave behind all the sugar and create a light taste by adding back natural stevia extract.
  • All natural ingredients – our natural fruit flavours are extracted from real fruit.
  • Our natural stevia leaf extract is steeped using gently heated water – we do not use methanol! Stur is also certified Kosher by ok.org.
  • There are NO Artificial or GMO ingredients in Stur (NO aspartame, NO sucralose, NO acesulfame potassium, NO artificial colours, NO artificial flavours, NO preservatives) Just 100% natural.
  • No need to refrigerate! With Stur’s flip-top cap, you can control how little or how much flavour you add. To use it, just point down and squeeze in water (one squeeze per serving) – it blends instantly


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Feature article taken from inside Thrive Magazine Winter issue 2018. To grab your copy head over to: thrive-magazine.co.uk/themagazine