How to gain more energy every day


 We live extraordinary lives. Busy, information packed, stressful lives. It’s a busy time in Western society and our daily routines reflect this.

After you fall out of bed and slam the alarm clock to the wall, it can be a mad rush to find something for breakfast, get the kids ready for school, walk the dog and get out of the front door in time for work!

It’s not surprising that after a busy morning staring at a computer screen that you’re ready for a quick nap – or a long one!

Part of the problem is that our lives have become busier with more responsibilities and things to do, but we all still only have 24 hours in a day.

The key is to absorb the business but to remain calm and serene inside – easier said than done!

Here are a few tips to maintain that calm and collected feeling inside, even when the world around you is losing its head:


1 – Meditate

Meditation has been shown to calm the mind, lower blood pressure and help us to remain positive. There are a number of meditation apps available to help you get started with meditation or just hope over to YouTube and do a search. The main thing to remember with meditation is don’t put pressure on yourself to succeed.  It’s just about being – let thoughts come and go in your mind without any judgement at all. It’s ok to just be and not do for a change.

2 – Avoid the quick fix

It’s so easy to reach for another coffee or an energy boosting drink. But these quick highs will elevate your blood pressure and leave you in a slump once the effect has worn off.  Think ahead about what you are eating. If you can plan your day’s food. Include plenty of greens, good sources of protein and drink plenty of fresh water.

3 – Graze its what cows do!

If you find that by 3pm your already in the slump and feeling tired. The answer maybe to eat small and often. Eat a snack mid-morning such as a handful of nuts and an apple. And include a snack in the afternoon too. By having long gaps between eating your blood sugar levels may be dipping low. Make sure to never skip meals – especially breakfast.

4 – Make exercise easy

Ok, we’ve all regretted booking that gym class, but how good do you feel when you’ve actually forced yourself along and completed the work-out. Exercise release happy hormones and gets our blood moving around our bodies. You don’t have to run a marathon, just fit in 15 minutes of active movement each night or morning. Take the stairs, walk to work, get the bike out of the shed – it’s about creating a habit of exercise so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Your metabolism will increase and you’ll find that overall you have more energy over time.

5 – Be happy

It’s official happy people have more energy. When your mind is in a positive and happy place it has an effect on your body and vice versa. The mind body connection is now being studied closely and it’s thought that our mind and body connection have a huge direct influence on how we feel overall. So think yourself happy, healthy and full of energy.