How to change your health story right now!

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If I could give you one piece of advice on how to change your health story it would be know exactly what your body is doing right now. Easier said than done right!

We’ve all been at the place of exhaustion, having little energy and wondering why our body feels this way. But until you get some hard and true knowledge and information on how your liver, kidneys and cells are working then you simply don’t know what actions to take to improve how you feel.

I’ve found some amazing products, brands and resources since I started on my own health journey over 7 years ago. But wow, do I wish that I had found Thriva Self Tests back then.

Thriva self-tests allow you to understand what’s really going on inside your body, so that you can then start to make healthier choices going forward.

The home test is so simple to do, it’s doesn’t hurt a bit, you can do the test in the comfort of your own home and you log into your private results via your own online dashboard. All of the tests are analysed by a team of doctors.

How it works:

  1. Get your Thriva self-test delivered to your home (You can get a discount by using the code THRIVE15 for 15% off).
  2. Do the test at home – it’s a simple pin prick blood test – no scary needles.
  3. Send the sample securely in the envelope provide – they even pay for postage.
  4. Get your personalized report online – in a secure login section.
  5. Make you healthy changes and then re-run the test at a later date.

This is so powerful, as it gives you the starting knowledge of what your body is actually doing, or not doing! This is how you begin to change your own health story.

I’ve always said – knowledge is power and now that I have my results back. I can see that my healthy eating is most certainly paying off. Although, I can see that my Alkaline Phosphatase is slightly elevated.

How to change your health story right now! Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Thriva Health Test Results – delivered privately, via your own dashboard



Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme found in your bloodstream. ALP helps break down proteins in the body and exists in different forms, depending on where it originates.  Higher levels can also be linked to low Vitamin D levels – maybe it’s time I got some extra sunshine and took a holiday!

If you’re in a place of not knowing where to turn to with your health, or simply want the power of  knowing what your body is trying to tell you, then I absolutely recommend getting a simple Thriva test done.

You can then work with the results to create a positive change in your health. Your health story can change right now.

If you’d like to try a test yourself, the folks at Thriva have kindly offered a 15% discount  – simply use THRIVE15 TO get 15% off.

Good luck and any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Sue Hay – Editor of Thrive Magazine

Published in promotional collaboration with Thriva.