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Welcome back to the Ethical Entrepreneurs Podcast, on the show today we have Riya Grover. Riya is the co-founder Feedr – a curated marketplace which allows individuals to order healthy, nutritious food from London’s best artisan vendors, delivered to their workplace.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Most of your daily meals are eaten at work – this is where you need to be able to choose from healthy, tasty food!
  • Quick convenience food when at work has dominated for far too long – workplaces need to recognise the value of taking time out at work to eat well.
  • Choose quality food at work and you’ll have more energy in the evenings!
  • Workplace benefits and health and well being is becoming much more considered and companies should be providing healthy options.

There is an absolute clear link between what you eat and how your brain functions – this has a direct affect on productivity at work!


“I was really lucky to grow up in a farm to table manner – even before farm to table existed”

“I really wanted to change the problem that workplaces had in access to healthy, tasty food”

“We have a detailed vetting process when it comes to vendors: are they sourcing from fairtrade, is the quality high, are they packing their meals with nutritious ingredients, are they using eco-friendly packaging”.

“Companies have a role to play and a responsibility when it comes to providing healthy food options to their workforce”

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