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After three months of using CholestCure, my cholesterol level, which was at 2.8, returned to a normal level at 2.2. I am now switching to the maintenance phase and just taking one capsule.

In developed countries heart disease and stroke are the first and second leading cause of death among adult men and women, they cause 26% of all deaths in the UK. Yet seven million people are living with cardiovascular disease un the UK. (1)

We are most familiar with the heart conditions affecting the coronary arteries and the vessels that supply oxygen-carrying blood to the heart. Those arteries can become narrowed and are unable to carry a sufficient amount of blood to the heart muscle. Most often, the coronary arteries become narrowed because of atherosclerosis – a process in which fatty deposits called “plaque” build up on the inside wall of an artery.

Gradually, the growing plaque thickens on the wall of the artery, reducing the space for the blood to flow through. We could call this the ‘Plumbing’ aspect of the heart conditions.

Heart Rhythmn Disorders
There is another aspect which affects the rhythm of the heart, it is called Heart Rhythm Disorders (HRD) which we are less familiar with, despite their prevalence. We could call those the “Electric disorders” and they cause irregular heartbeat or abnormal heart rhythm, also known as Arrhythmias.

There are different types of Arrhythmias :
• Tachycardia is a heartbeat that is too fast.
• Bradycardia is a heartbeat that is too slow.
• Ventricular Arrhythmias initiates in the ventricles of the heart (lower chamber).
• Superventricular Arrhythmias initiates in the supraventricles of the heart (atria or upper chamber).

The surest way to know if one has any type of HRD, is to undergo an ECG (Electrocardiogram), if a person is suffering with unexplained blackouts or fainting or related conditions, an ECG test is highly recommended.

Almost 100 000 people in the UK die each year as a result of a treatable but undetected heart rhythm disorder (2). The electrical impulses are conveyed in the cells of the muscles constituting the atria and ventricular walls – this is the Sinoatrial node or the natural pacemaker of the heart. This muscular tissue can lose its conductive properties, thus affecting the heartbeat.

Listen to Your Heart
Your heart might send you some messages that you definitely should pay attention to, such as: Palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, spasmophilia, drop in blood pressure upon standing, blurred vision or diziness.

Those messages might be telling you that you have a Heart Rhythm Disorders (HRD) or another heart condition that requires a visit to your GP.

Herbal Rescue with UNANI Tradition
You may be familiar with some of the more popular drugs used by people with heart conditions and cholesterol problems, such as betablockers or statins. These are becoming more and more controversial due to the list of side effects. We have also seen, in recent history, many drugs that have been taken off the market because of their harmful effects.

So, little by little, people are turning to alternative solutions such as medicinal herbs.The Unani tradition is a holistic tradition that considers the body as a whole. This ancient tradition is aimed at strengthening the body and immune system, to enable the body to recover on its own.

It is based upon the balance of the bodily ‘humors and elements’ and relies on the power of plants to restore this inner balance.

The Unani tradition, goes back thousands of years, it comes from Greco-Arabic-Persian medical knowledge (Hippocrates – Avicenna – Galen). Actually, the word Unani is derived from the word IONIC which meant Greek in ancient Arabic. It was exported by the Arabic populations in China and India where it mixed with the Ayervedic tradition.

Healing through herbs
CardioVascine is a blend of herbs that brings the necessary nutrients required to the heart and the arteries. It regulates the electrical energy of the heart by toning the muscle fibre in order to improve the conductivity. It also enhances the contractile capacity of the cardiac muscle. CardioVascine helps with blood circulation and ensures better oxygenation of the cells.

CholestCure, is a blend of herbs that helps to regulate the balance of “good and bad” cholesterol. The Unani tradition considers that excess fat (triglycerides) in the blood is just as damaging as excess cholesterol it says that the level of bad cholesterol can be controlled by the liver – when it is in top condition and is not overloaded by unhealthy fats – it’s then able to undertake its task of transforming fats into cholesterol and managing the proper balance between good
and bad cholesterol in the blood.

The CholestCure blend is made of synergistic plants that provide a threefold action:
1. It improves the metabolism of fats in the liver.
2. It eliminates metabolic waste.
3. It helps to thin the blood. CholestCure is a natural alternative to the chemical-based cholesterol control medication and has been used as an alternative to the increasingly controversial treatment – statins.

Experience has shown that once the desired results are achieved, the dosage may be adjusted over time. Thus, allowing users to reduce the daily intake and sometimes, to
even use the products every other day.

I’m fairly old (79 years) and I had heart problems, mainly Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC), your product CardioVascine did the best things for me. I took one or two capsules per day, and after a month or so, I had no more Premature Ventricular Contractions. I now order a new box from you each month.

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