Thrive picks the best healthy subscription boxes

Thrive picks the best healthy subscription boxes Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Looking for a healthy snacking option to eat quickly; be it a lunchtime snack or to keep you going passed that 3pm slump. We’ve found four fantastic box deliveries that’ll help you eat and snack healthy in any situation.

1 – Treat Trunk
Treat Trunk offers a healthy box subscription service. They’ve handpick the most exciting snacks especially for you, both savoury and sweet. The healthy family boxes are delivered directly to your door and come packed full of surprises for all the family. perfect to make sure that your kids and you are snacking the healthier way.

Thrive picks the best healthy subscription boxes Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

2 – Nutribox Classic
Jam packed with healthier snacks. This box is perfect to sit in the office for all to share. Contains a really good blend of healthy brands, from peanuts to snack bars and more.

3 – Life Box
Each Lifebox is supercharged and packed to the brim with meticulously and lovingly selected health foods – real food to get the nation excited about eating well. Each month you can discover the latest and greatest wholesome health food goodies from home, helping you to create a pantry of everyday staples that assist your body’s natural processes.

4 – Healthy Nibbles
A new concept in vending; they’re dedicated to health and wellness, supplying fully serviced and maintained SMARTvending machines stocked only with healthy nutritionally certified, sustainable products containing no nasties – delivering SMARTeating. Healthy Nibbles also offers corporate boxes and subscription boxes for delivery.

5 – Superfoodio
Superfoodio was born out of a passion for good, wholesome food. Their easy to order boxes are delivered straight to your door, and contain a surprise selection of the finest, energy boosting, superfood snacks and drinks, as well as a ‘feature’ meal ingredient.

The boxes are prepared once a month, each time with a different variety of foods allowing you to discover a new mix of superfoods every time you order. Classic or deluxe options.