Matcha Green tea and berry smoothie


This super green tea & berry smoothie is the one for you, not only does it taste amazing it’s also full of super berry goodness for those of us that want an easy way to get our 5 a day!


Green tea (tsp)
Honey (tsp)


How to make it:
The best way to make this is to boil up some green tea and stick it in the fridge for an hour or two to cool down (or leave it overnight as it means its ready for when you get up in the morning). Put the green tea into your smoothie maker first, then add in all the berries, blend the ingredients altogether. Add in the honey and blend a few more times to make sure it all sticks together perfectly. You can either place it in a bottle to take with you on the go, pour into a funky cocktail glass with some crushed ice for a bit of morning sophistication or just simply get it down you however you fancy.

Thanks to Emma at for this refreshing recipe. Perfect for Summer.