Healthy Food Habits Weight Loss Programme

Healthy Eating Habits 6 Week Programme

Smart weight loss through empowerment and psychology

A powerful, fully supported 6 week weight loss programme that will radically transform your eating habits and help you lose weight.

This programme will help you achieve long term positive changes to your habits around food and health and help you achieve sustainable weight loss.

Mindset is so important when it comes to changing your habits around food. During this 6 week programme, you will understand the key ways in which you can change your habits, through your thoughts and your approach to food

You will learn how you can flex your mental muscles to cultivate the mindset, which will give you the results that you wantYou will reprogram your mindset so that you can find it easy to make healthy food choicesYou will learn how to break the unhelpful habits which have been holding you back

You will learn how to cultivate new habits so that you can maintain lasting change – to your physical and mental health

You will gain the confidence and freedom, so that making healthier choices becomes second nature

Who’s here to help you change your food habits?

Healthy Food Habits Weight Loss Programme Thrive Health & Nutrition MagazineHealthy Food Habits Weight Loss Programme Thrive Health & Nutrition MagazineHealthy Food Habits Weight Loss Programme Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Your course teachers

Emma Howells-Davies

With a diverse background and experience in health and exercise education, behavioural change, plus lifestyle change. Emma is renowned for her movement interventions and holistic approach change, for which she has earned the title, “Movement Maestro.” Emma, founder of the Performance Circle, is a qualified Health Promotion Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach. She holds a range of teaching qualifications and a Postgraduate Diploma in Mentoring. Across her work Emma utilises the latest research and applies her knowledge and experience of both physical and psychological interventions to create empowering programmes, which enable sustainable change. Emma is also a competitive athlete and has represented Great Britain in Knockdown Karate and Functional Fitness.

Healthy Food Habits Weight Loss Programme Thrive Health & Nutrition MagazineHealthy Food Habits Weight Loss Programme Thrive Health & Nutrition MagazineHealthy Food Habits Weight Loss Programme Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Your course teachers

Susan Hay

In 2014 after re-training in Holistic Nutrition, Sue launched ‘Thrive Health and Nutrition magazine’ – with an aim to clear up the confusion around health and nutrition. Thrive is a well-known global platform and magazine that works with experts in the fields of health, nutrition, mindset and wellness, to bring only expert information to consumers who are looking to improve their health. Sue has worked with brands such as Nuffield Health, Alpro, Jamie Oliver, Champneys Spa and others to help them understand consumer awareness for change, when it comes to health. She has been featured in The Telegraph, Independant and speaks at major global food and health events.

Learn how to change your habits around food, re-program your mindset for health and lose weight for good

What you will achieve from joining the programme

  • • Complete control to make healthier food choices 
  • • Positive mindset techniques and tools to keep you on track
  • • Be able to let go of repetitive behaviours and patterns
  • • Release your emotional ties with food – for good!

• Break long term habits which have been holding you back

• Build habits which support you to be fitter, happier and healthier

• Reduce the frustration that you feel around losing weight

• Feel totally empowered and fully in control of your decision making!

What’s included inside the Healthy Eating Habits 6 week Programme

WEEK 1  – Discover your existing relationship with foodDuring this module we will explore your food history and existing habits.  You will achieve clarity and gain insights which will raise your motivation and enable you to have a laser focus throughout the program. 

WEEK 2 – The secrets of habit forming and habit breaking

The what, the how and the why. During this module you will create strategies to break old habits and build new ones – this will enable you to sustain healthy habits going forward.

WEEK 3 – Habits in action and accountabilityDuring this module you will start to apply your strategies and create new habits which fit with who you are and how you want to be. This is about adopting habits that will help you to see long term changes in weight loss, health and overall fitness. Habits that fit your lifestyle.

WEEK 4 – Creating your healthy habits manifestoEmpowered decision making, during this module you will uncover key drivers which influence your decision making, creating a personalised blueprint for new habit creation. This week is all about taking power back into your own hands. Making key food decisions that serve you.

WEEK 5 – Long lasting change – creating ‘sticky habits’.During this module you will learn how to make new habits sticky, embedding your new behaviours deep into your psychi. Your subconcious is ther eto support you. This week we dive deep into making healthy habits stick!

WEEK 6 – Maximising your mindsetThis module will help you to go from strength to strength, supporting you to cultivate a positive mindset whilst exploring additional lifestyle habits which will empower make long lasting changes going forward.

BONUS MODULES Your strategy pack with healthy eating resources, healthy recipe planners, habit planning tools, ideas and inspiration to inform, empower and keep you on track beyond the programme. 

HOW THE 6 WEEK PROGRAMME IS DELIVERED 6 WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS  WITH EMMA & SUE – Held on ZOOM and recorded so you can watch at any time.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY  – a supportive group to help you with accountability, to learn from others and get direct answers.

HOLISTIC HEALTH PACK – Your take away plan for maintaining the habits you now have in place. This will help you to stick to the new changes you have made and not slip back to old habits.

What people are saying about taking the programme

Professional and relevant

“Emma made the training highly relevant to us. We were able to instantly apply the learning and have been surprised how impactful it has been”

Lucy Smith


Really got me thinking…

“Challenging you respectfully and facilitating skillfully – Emma really stimulates your thinking. I got a lot from the session and notice changes in my behaviour and how I am using self talk in a more positive way.”

John Dunn


Performance & anxiety fixed!

“I suffered from terrible performance anxiety and someone recommended I book a session with Emma. After 2 sessions I saw a big different! I still apply the techniques I learnt to this day.”

Sandra Davies


I’ve lost weight!

I’ve changed my eating habits, it was easier than I ever thought it would be! This is the first time I’ve been diet free ever!! 

T. Dean


A really powerful programme

It helped me to understand the psychology of my eating habits and empowered me to make the changes I want. I’m so happy and keep seeing the results with little effort now. 

C. Morgan


Helped me take action!

I enjoyed the challenge and I helped me to focus in on my goals and take action to get back on track, thank you!

S. Thomas


What’s included inside the programme

  • • 6 WEEKLY group coaching calls to keep you on track
  • • 6 WEEKLY video lessons delivered 1 per week
  • • Worksheets and exercises to make real lasting changes• A members only Facebook support group for Q&A
  • • Weekly recipe planners with healthy meals – simple recipes• Your Healthy Habits Toolkit to take away after the course
  • • Accountability, encouragement and moral support
  • • Learn anywhere and anytime – on mobile, on-the-go

Enrol for our Healthy Eating Habits 6 week programme

Learn how to change your habits around food, re-program your mindset for health and lose weight for good. Smart weight loss through empowerment and psychology.

Who is this Healthy Habits programme for?

• This is for you if you have always struggled to achieve long lasting changes with your health?

• This is for you if you’ve tried many of the other health and weight loss plans and they just don’t stick!

• This is for you if you’ve lost confidence when it comes to your health and the ability to change

• This is for you if you have a negative relationship with food but want to change this

• This is for you if you know that you need accountability and support to make REAL changes

You probably already know that it’s a mindset thing – so, let’s make long lasting changes to your mindset!

How you can join the 6 week guided programme

This is an exclusive intake for 2020. We will only be allowing a limited number of people onto the 6 week guided programme for ‘Healthy Food Habits’. So, that we can fully support you on your habit changing journey!








£112 x 2




£​38 x ​6




Join the Exclusive 6 Week ‘Healthy Eating Habits Programme’

This is an exclusive intake and we are limiting the number of people we work with, as we want you to get our full support to achieve maximum results inside this 6 week Programme.

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