Healthy eating blues – how to overcome them

Healthy eating blues - how to overcome them Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

It’s easy enough to decide to eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle but when it comes down to making the actual changes, it can become more difficult and the excuses begin to creep in…

Switching to a healthy way of life takes determination and discipline but it’s definitely achievable for all. Here are some of the common excuses we tend to make and how to tackle them.

Excuse #1: I’m not psychologically ready to make the change and stick to it.

Making big changes to our dietary and lifestyle habits is daunting and many of us are overwhelmed by the thought. What we don’t realize is that these changes can be made gradually – one at a time. Taking it step by step allows you time to adjust to new habits and routines. This makes the over transition to healthy living less stressful and overwhelming.

Excuse #2: I don’t have the time to follow an elaborate diet plan.

I work long hours. Most of us have hectic schedules and it’s easy to skip meals and exercise. This, however, isn’t ideal. With a little planning it is possible to make time for a thirty-minute workout or to prepare a healthy meal at home. It’s all about prioritizing.

Excuse #3: Healthy food isn’t interesting or tasty.

This is probably the most common and biggest misconception about healthy eating. Healthy ingredients can be made into tasty dishes and it is also worth exploring different cuisines for inspiration. The Mediterranean diet, is packed full of flavor and is nutrient rich. Don’t restrict yourself, be experimental with your dietary choices and it will make the switch to healthy eating interesting.

Excuse #4: I eat out too often to be able to stick to a healthy diet.

This one is a little tricky but can be tackled. While there is an increase in number of restaurants that serve healthy food, they are still few and far between. One way to address this concern is by choosing small portions of relatively healthy food when eating out and snacking at home either before or after.

Excuse #5: I’ll be hungry all the time.

Hunger can be a problem if you are used to snacking when stressed, or giving in to emotional eating. With a little mealtime planning and discipline this can be overcome. Finding healthy alternatives is the key here. Make some simple fruit or veg snacks and keep them close to hand. Nuts, seeds and fruit are all perfect for snacking on.

Switching to healthier eating is a process and a journey, and with the right attitude, you can do this.

Simple healthy snacks:
A handful of cashew nuts:
Sodium = 34 mg / Total Carbs = 5g

An apple and some walnuts:
Fibre = 2.4g / Total Carbs = 14g

Carrot sticks and hummus:
Fibre = 15g /Protein = 20g* based on 200g serving