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Body alignment is more than just correcting your posture. It’s important to understand that body alignment takes practice, proper dicipline and sometimes, medical help to achieve.

The top 3 reasons why body alignment is important…

1) lesser chances of kyphosis or osteoporosis:
Kyphosis is the deformity of your upper spine, which looks like a hunchback. It can be caused by birth defects, cancer, spine disc degeneration, osteoporosis, etc. The most common reason why people develop kyphosis is because of poor posture and improper body alignment. Our lifestyle also affects our posture, the way we look at our phones, devices or the way we sit in front of a computer. This may result in having stiffness, back and neck pains, and can put pressure on the spinal nerves, which also cause organs to compress

2) To prevent injuries when exercising:
As mentioned earlier, improper body alignment can cause unnecessary injury on people, especially those who are new to exercising and fitness programs. The most important aspect when doing physical exercises is the condition of your spine. If you don’t have proper body alignment, you will have higher chances of breaking bones, and the most vulnerable places for fractures are the spine, hip, and wrists- which are usually the parts where bending and flexing are most applied.

3) Crowding of internal organs.
People who have kyphosis or osteoporosis, are reported to lose weight, and when not properly addressed, these conditions can further lead to worse cases like compromised lung function or organ damage. When you don’t have proper body alignment or have the conditions that are mentioned above, you are more likely to experience organ compression. As your spine is excessively curved, your upper body organs such as the lungs, stomach, liver, gall bladder, etc. are being compressed which will affect your breathing and gastrointestinal tract.

Written by: Melissa Symmonds – Certified Recreational Therapist. For more information visit: