Healthy body, healthy mind

Being healthy is not just about keeping fit or eating the right foods, you also need to feed your soul. Every single day, as often as you eat and exercise. 

George from ‘Turn Lights On’ gives us a few tips to keep both your mind and emotions healthy, happy and feeling good! It makes a massive difference to your day when you feel on top of your game and to give you a taste of what it’s all about, here are TLO’s High Five:

1. Love yourself – Start with you as the way you feel about yourself has a huge impact on how you treat others and the way that others treat you.  Learning to love and accept yourself is an everlasting adventure as life is constantly changing and us with it! You have an abundance of love inside you – give some to yourself and sharing the rest will be easy!

2. Live in the here and now The time is now, now is all we have! The past is gone and the future hasn’t arrived yet so start thinking about right now and live in the moment, before you know it the mist will be clearing and you’ll be thinking clearly.

3. Master living in the here and now – Understand the triggers that take you out of the moment. Be aware of how things make you feel, good and bad. You are your own masterpiece and understanding how you tick helps you live a life of awareness, where you feel in control and able to make the choices that are right for you.

4. Show others how to live in the here and now – Real connection, where you truly hear, see and value someone makes a difference to you and your relationships, especially as life is just so full on these days. Brighten up someone’s day and make your day brighter, we are better together! 

5. Practice every day – Happiness is a practice! Spread positive feelings, take positive actions and let go of negativity by being compassionate to yourself and others.  It’s your choice to master your actions, enjoy being you and share your light with others – make sure you work it every day!

Want to learn more about living a happier life and feeling great about yourself? Check out the TLO Book – it’s a great read which will leave you with your lights blazing!