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Mum and daughter Amanda and Emily Thompson’s health problems led them to retrain in Nutritional Therapy, studying with CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine)

Amanda’s story
“After years of suffering from joint swelling and immobility, in 2013 I was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist as having Rheumatoid Arthritis. He prescribed extremely powerful drugs that could have serious side-effects. I asked the Rheumatologist if I could try a more natural approach. However, he was unsupportive and said that going down the natural route wouldn’t work. He suggested that if I didn’t take the medication my condition would continue to deteriorate to where I could possibly end up in a wheelchair.

“I cried. I told him I was a runner and wanted to run a marathon. He told me I could ‘forget that’.

“I felt hopeless. After 8 weeks I decided that the drugs weren’t for me. My GP confirmed that it would be OK just to stop the drugs from a safety point of view, but said it was a stupid thing to do in terms of helping my condition.

“I read a book about the impact of nutrition, and decided to see a nutritional therapist. She gave me a diet plan, working to heal my gut and reduce inflammation in my body. Within 6 months I felt ‘normal’ again and was able do everyday tasks without pain. What I learnt later, when I decided to retrain for a career in Nutrition was eye-opening and helped my understanding much further.

“Every day I continue to work on my health. I ensure I eat organic wholesome foods and regularly support the systems of the body by doing liver detoxes, colon cleanses and intermittent fasting. I also begin my day each morning with yoga to focus on my wellness and approach life with a happy, balanced mindset.

“I live an outdoor life with lots of hiking, and live a drug-free existence. Two years after my original diagnosis, with lots of hard work, my blood tests came back as ‘normal’.”

Emily’s story
“After being inspired by my mum’s journey back to health, I saw the same nutritional therapist for fatigue and digestive issues. By simply eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet and focusing on more natural, wholesome foods, within a short period of time I felt completely different. I felt more energised and I also felt happier within myself. Combined with the dramatic change in Mum’s health, we were both captivated by the power of nutrition.

We feel so lucky to be able tomake new careers at the ages of 53 and 25, doing whatwe love

“I’d always thought that I wanted a high-powered career in the city and at 17 years old I’d gone straight from school to a job in the City of London as a junior insurance broker. At first I loved it, but then I very quickly began to realise that it was taking a toll on my body, as it was a very demanding job. When I discovered nutrition, it filled mewith such excitement. I finally knew that that was what I wanted to study and do for a living.

“I knew that the naturopathic approach to health was the right choice for me, so I enrolled at CNM, the College of Naturopathic Medicine. The college has an amazing community and you can feel the spirit of the staff and students as soon as you walk through the door. I was so excited that I called Mum on my way back from the college. ‘You’ll love it!’ Within a week we had decided to do the course together.”

Did we find it challenging? “Of course!” says Amanda. “I was a housewife and hadn’t worked or studied since bringing up my three children. I never considered giving up, though. Both of us were determined to succeed, and CNM is there to support you all the way.

“Our knowledge has enabled us to help so many friends and family members already. One of them has come out of depression after suffering for years and feels that she has a new life. The joy that we feel from these successes is a huge impetus to us to help more people. Gaining the knowledge, confidence and ability from CNM to help people change their lives has been a tremendous privilege.

“We feel so lucky to be able to make new careers at the ages of 53 and 25, doing what we love.”

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