Fridge Hack with Janey Lee Grace

Fridge Hack with Janey Lee Grace Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

My suggestion would be to have all the food you like but to keep it healthy make sure its ‘real food’.

Opt for foods that roam or grow – i.e. know the source of everything you eat, if you are straining your eyes to read the long list of ingredients on the label – there’s the problem right there! Choose ‘no label’ foods. Ditch the highly processed options and go traditional, rather than margarine use real butter, choose seasonal and local fruit and veg, (organic if possible) if you eat meat go for ‘grassfed’, Opt for organic free range eggs and if you can source it – raw milk. In addition to the traditional basics there are seriously healthy super foods I always have in my fridge and freezer.

Chuckling Goat’s Kefir is a must. It is extraordinarily potent – like bio-active yogurt, but much stronger. Kefir can permanently re-establish the good bugs inside your gut, and boost your overall immune system, aiding your body’s ability to get the goodness out of your food, and heal itself. I also make sure I have Raw Sauerkraut – you can make it or buy from the health store.

Another must is TIANA Raw Organic. Coconut Goodness which is nothing but the pure white unsweetened coconut flesh from raw organic coconuts. It can be used in smoothies, to make coconut cream or just as a quick sweet ‘fix’. I also have Tiana coconut water (beats fizzy drinks).

Chocolate is a must – but make it raw and healthy such as the Choc Chick Chocolate Making Kit. You have the option to make delicious fine chocolates or chocolate bars that are naturally high in antioxidants and are dairy free,gluten free, refined sugar free, soya free, egg free, additive free and guilt free!

For a daily energy boost I consider a Wheatgrass shot the best way to start the day. It’s the original superfood, as it contains many easily absorbed nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, beneficial enzymes and chlorophyll. It is particularly high in Vitamin A, B5, B12 and Vitamin E. Keep the frozen shots from Live Wheatgrass in the freezer, pop one into your green smoothie – and voila – no need to take out health insurance.

“Ditch the highly processed options and go traditional, rather than margarine use real butter, choose seasonal and local fruit and veg”

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Fridge Hack with Janey Lee Grace Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

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