Food Truths from the editor

Ok ok, so I guess it’s time I came out of the closet, sorry the pantry and revealed myself as the voice behind Thrive Magazine. My food journey started way back in 2007 when I was stuck in ‘corporate land’ working 50+ hours a week and eating on the fly. In fact my journey with food probably started way before that. It’s just that’s when it all come togther in the mixing bowl as a big sticky mess and I hit rock bottom!

sue hay editor thrive magazine

And over the 9 years ago since that day my whole way of thinking about food changed – radically.

You see, the magic with us humans is when we hit rock bottom, that’s when great things start to happen.   I started to research food and our food industry. What I discovered shocked me into making big changes.

See, our supermarkets are full of extremely unhealthy foods. Now you may say ‘so what, I already know that’ but I mean that 95% of the foods on offer and advertised to us as being healthy, natural or low fat are notoriously bad for our bodies to consume. Through extensive research and nutritional training, hours of pod casts and blog reading I have come to understand how our food industry works and it isn’t pretty.

I believe in a world where our food is as close to it’s natural state as it can be and gives us the energy and nutrients that we need on a daily basis. I wanted to shout out loud to everyone about what I had discoverd. So, I started THRIVE Magazine

“The greatest power you have as a consumer is knowing exactly what you consume”