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Ernest Foods Co Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Who are Ernest Foods?

We are part of a growing movement of small brands that are listening to consumers who want foods that are minimally processed, full of flavour and without added sugar (or sneaky syrups), flavourings and preservatives. The ultimate aim is a fine tasting snack that is both free from junk and full of super healthy ingredients. That’s what makes our first range Ernie bars better than other ‘natural’ bars. Every single ingredient does something good for your body.

How does Ernest Food Co. stand out from competitors in the industry?

We set out to shake things up in the ‘healthy’ snack market. These tasty bars are RAW, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE and SOYA FREE and are perfect for a special diet and sports nutrition with no added sugar, syrups or flavourings. They come in four delicious flavours, Apple Strudel, Banana Bread, Cocoa Truffle and Raspberry & Coconut and are produced in the UK using 100% natural ingredients.


 Why haven’t I heard of Ernie bars?

Because we are pretty new and spend so much on the ingredients, we have to be pretty creative with how we get the word out. We chat alot and have been lucky to be invited into Thrive Magazine to showcase our range of Ernie bars.

What’s the plans with Ernest Food Co. over the coming year?

Two things really, a presence in lovely shops and cafes. And the second would be to continue to share stories, recipes and laughs with other Ernest Folk.

Who is the team behind the business?

We have been going since last year. We sold at farmers markets which is the ultimate market research exercise – real people with real opinions spending their own money. I recommend it as long as you have a decent flask of tea. In terms of team, Niamh develops the products and oversees marketing, Alicia is on sales and doses of reality, Laura on social media and John from Sapphire Accounting does his best to crush every dream we have with the financial reality. And we love him for it.


So what’s special about an Ernie bar?

  • Dried fruits – taste nice and we all know fruit is super healthy.
  • Seeds like puffed quinoa and chia. Quinoa’s a complete protein so its with amino acids. Chia seeds are stuffed full of fibre, protein and omega 3 & 6.
  • We added a handful of nuts because research from Harvard has proven good fats help you to lose weight. And to top it off they are gluten, dairy and soya free.


Where can I get them?

We are stocked in Planet Organic as well as in these Bristol hotspots:-Scoopaway, Zest, Southville Deli and Bearpit Social. Or you can buy them via our website. So far we have had fantastic reviews from nutritionists and customers especially regarding how good they taste.