Editors Blog: A Week at Wild View Nutrition Retreat

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Retreat, sleep repeat – the benefits of a nutrition and juice retreat

When do you ever get proper ‘you’ time? Honestly when is the last time that you had chance to make life a little more simplistic and focus on your own health? It’s a difficult thing to do in our modern world.

We live in such a switched-on society nowadays and our constant attachment to digital devices and to social media has been proven to have a direct effect on our health. So, scheduling in some escape time is crucial – for mind, body and spirit.

I was lucky to be invited to try a brand-new Nutrition and Juice retreat in the hills of Portugal. A long-lost friend was launching the retreat and after catching up on the years gone by and both of our change of direction into the world of nutrition I jumped at the chance of spending a week at Wild View Retreats.

Editors Blog: A Week at Wild View Nutrition Retreat Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Wild View is set within the hills of Portugal and yet only 40mins drive from Faro airport. the area is a natural reserve, Serra da Caldeirão) and is surrounded by cork trees and almond trees. The remote location is cleverly thought out – no distractions and no temptations. This week of juice, nutrition and relaxation is just what the doctor should be ordering!

Editors Blog: A Week at Wild View Nutrition Retreat Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

We arrive in the dark and it was a safe and enjoyable ride up from the lovely Fernando. When I woke the next morning and stepped outside into the warm Portugal sun, I’d already left the stresses of running a business, a life and the UK hustle and bustle far behind – the stress had already begun to melt away.

The retreat I’m on is a juice and nutrition retreat, with 7 days of 3 fresh juices each day, yoga classes, meditation, fitness sessions and nutritional talks. A purposely packed schedule to keep our minds occupied and our bodies moving to maximise the detox process and cleanse.

Day times start early at 6:30am with an amazing meditation class taught by Mollie. Don’t worry if you’ve not tried meditation before, it’s guided and supported. Meditation is followed by yoga – what a way to start your day. Even by 9am I feel at peace and relaxed. A walk in the hills and then juice number 1 at 10am. I would naturally have eaten breakfast and downed 2 coffees by this point whilst working in the office, so I was ready for my first juice.

Juices to rejuvenate and cleanse
So, each day we all get 3 500ml juices, carefully prepared by the team at Wild View. Each juice is packed with nutrients and vitamins to sustain the cleanse and they taste amazing.
Day 1 – juice 1 it’s a greenie!

Editors Blog: A Week at Wild View Nutrition Retreat Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

11am and it’s time for a fitness class lead by Daisy – Daisy works at Blok in London a renowned gym and fitness house, her sessions are carefully planned out to suit everyone and are well supported. It’s at your own pace and I came from the class feeling super invigorated.

Days at Wild View can be as lazy and relaxed as you choose or tempo if you want to keep your mind in motion. Afternoons are lazy and relaxed with free time following juice number two at 1pm. We head down to the pool – need I say any more than the picture below! Tranquillity to the max. A chance to be at one with your own mind and to have some reflection time too.

Editors Blog: A Week at Wild View Nutrition Retreat Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

By day 2 the group has come together supporting each other through the juice cleanse and learning from each other about nutrition, health, fitness. Nobody seems to be missing the food as the juices are so nutritiously packed that they deliver all of the nutrients that your body needs. Don’t get me wrong there’s conversations about food, but it’s a mental kind of hunger and not a physical one. It seems to be more a craving for habits than anything else.

A breakthrough in energy
By Day 3 there’s a definite change, I feel lively, energetic, less foggy in my mind and the whites of my eyes are clear. My body feels restored and any previous aches are just not there – even with Daisey’s fitness classes. There’s a change in the group too – everyone looks brighter and refreshed. There’s an immense sense of positivity and kindness. There’s magic in those juices I’m sure. 🙂

We end the week with a break in the cleanse and we all come together to make delicious fresh salads, flapjacks and food that will slowly guide our bodies back into full digestion.

A week at Wild View isn’t just about the physical reset, the place and whole experience lets you rest your mind too. It’s a week of simplicity and just being human again. A chance to experience the day and the moment without looking forward or worrying about the past.

Editors Blog: A Week at Wild View Nutrition Retreat Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

Andrew and Erika have built something really special at Wild View and the effects of spending a week there definitely come home with me too – along with a lighter body and clarity of mind.

Listen to their whole story and their mission for Wild View Retreats in my interview with Andrew below.

I’m already planning my next visit and watch this space as Thrive is planning to host a retreat out there in 2019. If you’re interested let us know over on the Thrive Facebook page >>

Huge thanks to Andrew, Erika, Mandy, and the rest of the team at Wild View for a health changing experience.