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Welcome back to the Ethical Entrepreneurs Podcast, on the show today we have Julianne Ponan. Apart from being the CEO of the Creative Nature brand. Julianne is the youngest winner of the National Natwest Everywoman Award plus she’s a keynote speaker and Virgin Start-up Mentor and has just made the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

What we discuss:

  • The power of focusing on solving a problem – Julianne suffers with Anaphylaxis – a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction to a trigger such as an allergy. It’s also known as anaphylactic shock.
  • Being adaptable is key when running a small business and understanding your finances is crucial.
  • You need to really consider who you bring into your business, they need to live the products and understand the mission to the core.
  • Why you have to support your supply chain, farmers and growers are key and they have to be supported.
  • Entrepreneurship is not as easy as it looks. How being part of a community and support other entrepreneurs can build such powerful connections.


“We always had an aim to help the farmers and growers, our supply trade is absolutely key to us. We support the famers 100% and make sure that they are all paid fairly”

“I always used to be shy about all of the good things we were doing, but I’ve learnt you have to blow your own trumpet. Promote the good stuff you’re doing and you’ll grow”.

“If you physically go and surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs, you’ll learn so much”.

“I hope that these big brands make the changes in an ethical way, and not just jumping on the bandwagon”.


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What does it mean to be an ethical business?

An ethical business is a business that considers the impact its actions, products and services have on the environment, people and animals. Including the origin and supply chain of it’s products or services and how they manufacture and distribute them.

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