Creamy Chickpea Blondies

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Creamy Chickpea Blondies – the perfect afternoon snack – packed with protein

These brownies are made with oat flour and almond flour. Almond flour is high in fats and vitamin E and oat flour is perfect for baking as it gives a good consistency.

(Serves 9 squares)
Prep Time: 10mins
Bake Time: 30mins
Cooling Time: 30mins
200gm chickpeas (boiled & drained)
3tbsp almond butter
6tbsp honey
½ cup Jaggery (grated) you can use coconut
or brown sugar instead
4tbsp oat flour (blended oats)
2tbsp almond flour
½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda
2tsp vanilla
¼ cup chocolate chips
Pinch of salt
1 tbsp. Granulated sugar

how to make it…
1. Preheat the oven to 180˙C line an baking tin (6 inch round or 7×7 square)
with oil.
2. Add the chickpeas in a food processor and blend until smooth – it should
resemble the texture of chunky mashed potatoes. Add the remaining
ingredients except for the chocolate chips and blend well.
3. Stir in most of the chocolate chips and transfer to the lined tin. Sprinkle the top
with the remaining chocolate chips and you can add some granulated sugar
on the top for a crust.
4. Bake for 28mins or so until the top is golden brown and dry to the touch. It
shouldn’t be firm as it sets while it cools down. Remove and leave to cool for
30mins before cutting into squares.

NOTE: You can use coconut sugar/raw cane sugar in place of jaggery


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