Artful Nutrition with Alexandra Dudley

Artful Nutrition with Alexandra Dudley Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine

What was your inspiration to start Punch Foods?

Ever since I can remember I have suffered from food allergies and stomach issues. As a teenager I was diagnosed as having a severe wheat, gluten and dairy allergy. Always being artistic, a keen baker and a lover of experimenting in the kitchen I was forced to make my favourite goodies free from the ‘bad stuff’ but still full of flavour. As my knowledge of nutrition improved I became more and more experimental with my recipes and started making things that tasted delicious but that were also nutritious. I couldn’t wait to set up Punch Foods. Although the name went through a couple of changes, in the end it was the obvious choice. Bored with the bland tasteless ‘free from’ snacks that were available on the market, I set out to make something that delivered nutrition and flavour with a real Punch! The slogan ‘Artful Nutrition’ also came very naturally. Punch Foods is a brand that pushes the health food market to the next level. Not only is the artisan approach reflected in the unique recipes that we create at Punch, but also in our well thought out packaging. The design of our handy and secure Superseed tubes means that you can snack on the go without worrying about spills.


What future plans are there for Punch?

What other ranges do you have in the seed bag? I have big plans for Punch Foods and a stack of recipes and products that I want to bring out. There is still a need for nourishing snacks that are convenient for people on the go. I have lived in London nearly all of my life. The city is fast paced and people are constantly rushing from one place to the next. Being healthy on the move is no easy task. Punch Foods definitely has a focus on making healthy eating as practical and delicious as possible. Currently we are working on our next snack, top secret for now but watch this space!


What are the power ingredients in Superseeds?

I would have to say the seeds themselves. Seeds are hugely underrated, but they’re a great source of fibre and protein and are full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential fats. What we have done is given them a little bit more flair. Each flavour is chosen with the idea of giving the seeds a super boost. Our ‘Meet Your Maca’ flavour contains raw Maca powder, an ancient Peruvian root used to increase energy and stamina. It is my personal favourite superfood. ‘Feel the Heat’ gets it’s bonfire kick from organic smoked paprika and hot cayenne pepper, a winning combination to boost calorie burn and rev up your metabolism.


If you could give 3 healthy eating tips to all Thrive readers what would they be?

The first would have to be everything in moderation. I read more and more about these crazy diets every day. Whether it be starving two days a week or having a total binge on one, in my opinion it’s not healthy. My mantra is a little bit of everything. I eat mainly a plant based diet as well as lean proteins but I never deny myself anything.

I think that would be my second rule. Don’t deny yourself anything. Try to eat healthily most of the time but when you treat yourself enjoy it. Food is there to nourish our body and that means spiritually as well as emotionally. Denying yourself anything is pointless and only results on cravings and misery. My last rule would be to eat colourfully, and by that I mean naturally colourful. We are lucky enough to have a world full of the most wonderful fruits and vegetables that are artworks in themselves. Experiment with a purple cauliflower or roast a strange squash but most of all have fun!