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Daniela Lawler Naturopathic Nutritionist is a graduate of CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine). She has now set up her own Nutrition Business and is sharing her knowledge with others.

I was at a crossroads in my life, I had just had a miscarriage and needed a new focus. Reading about nutrition really excited me so I thought it would be a good idea to study it. I chose CNM because the course curriculum sounded exactly what I wanted to learn about with its naturopathic focus.

I loved studying at CNM. The camaraderie you feel amongst your peers is so uplifting. The lecturers are really knowledgeable and ignite students’ passion for the subject. Lecturers stay up to date with new research and, on top of that, add an exciting spin, based on their knowledge. You meet so many inspiring people and make friends for life on the journey.

My new-found knowledge of nutrition helped me and my family achieve a greater level of health. The drive to look and feel good had previously led me down a path of yo-yo dieting and latching on to new dietary trends, but it wasn’t until I found what nutrition was really about that I freed myself of fad diets and hunger.

I now eat a delicious varied diet and I am always satiated thanks to real foods.

After qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist I walked straight into being my own boss, which I love. I’m eight months in and busy building momentum, I already have a good number of clients and I’m earning a decent amount of money. It’s great that you can do this so quickly after qualifying from CNM. I can choose to evolve my business in any way I wish, depending on where my interests take me.

I feel lucky to be able to work my job around my children and our home life. It’s good to know, too, that with just a laptop and the internet I can stay in touch with my clients from anywhere I have my own nutrition practice and I’ve connected with a local high school to go into various classes, including food technology and child development, to speak to the pupils about important topics, like natural immunity for children, and the truth about grains. I also write newsletters for the school and leaflets on how to eat well for exams. It’s really rewarding as the kids love it and they’re learning about the importance of nutrition.

I’ve also been a guest speaker at a health event and from this I was picked up for a radio show. I now have my own monthly slot to talk about anything I like! I’ve also written a column for a new health magazine, so it’s busy busy, as well as coming back into the college as an assistant supervisor in student clinics.

As a practitioner I love the challenge of a new case, researching the potential root cause and seeing what protocol would be best for that individual. It’s the investigation that I find so interesting, and the field is always evolving so it will never get boring.

The CNM Study Guide gives the exact sequence of what to study. Exams and assignments test your knowledge. CNM’s comprehensive study material (handouts and filmed lectures) are regularly updated and available 24/7 on CNM’s student portal.

Clinics in years 2 and 3 run alongside the online training. This gives students the opportunity to put newly acquired knowledge into practice. All clinics are supervised by experienced practitioners. You will initially observe case takings of real clients and take cases yourself towards the end.

Online students are supported by regular tutorials throughout the course. Additional webinars deepen the acquired knowledge and provide up to date developments of the nutrition profession.

Promoted feature from inside Thrive Magazine Spring issue 2019.

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