5 key food trends you’ll see in the near future

5 key food trends you'll see in the near future Thrive Health & Nutrition Magazine
It’s hard to keep up with, let alone predict future food trends these days. With health and wellness being so dominant in the media.

Everyone seems to be looking for the perfect way to eat and that’s great. We’re all brilliantly different and need different foods to nourish both our bodies and our minds. But if you’re eager to find out about the next future food trend then look no further.

1. Colourful eating

Texture and colour are huge in food just now, what with the abundance of food bloggers and the growth of instagram. We’re being spoilt with delicious and colourful recipes to make. Colourful superfoods such as spirulina and bee pollen will really be the stars of the show. Gorgeous bright greens mixed with healthy yellows. Look out for the arrival of ‘teff’ – a brightly coloured grain from Ethiopia, rich in iron and gluten free.

2. The return of the fats

With butter making a well deserved come back in both baking and as a spread, it’s time to see a return to real fats. Goodbye manufactured spreads and hello to butter, ghee and yes – lard.  Ghee will rise to fame. It has a high smoke point (it won’t break down into free radicals when used to cook with) it’s also suitable for most people who are lactose intolerant, as it’s had the milk solids and impurities removed.

3. Fermented foods

We all know the benefits of probiotics in food and a good portion of organic natural yoghurt each day can do wonders for your gut. But with the rise in popularity of kefir and kombucha, this year will see a growth in recipes using both of these culture based probiotics. Look out for superfood bowls combined with kefir.

4. Alcohol free cocktail bars

A trend that’s very much bred out of the city culture but one that’s definitely on the rise. Serving a broad range of alcohol free cocktails and juices, these new type of night clubs and bars are definitely causing a stir. Serving anything from a COCO-RITA, made with fresh lime juice, agave and coconut water to a ‘Nojito’ – made with club soda.

5. Ugly fruit and veg

There’s a great movement to bring back the imperfect when it comes to our fruit and veggies. It’s a long overdue move in the right direction. With over two fifths of fruit and veg crops turned down by supermarkets for being imperfect (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/sep/19/fruit-vegetables-wasted-ugly-report) this is a trend that will be welcomed by farmers and consumers alike.

We say thumbs up for the odd,  the different the imperfect.