Ty Siriol Pork

Quality over everything else

We are a family run smallholding near Pontarddulais, Swansea which rears pedigree Welsh pigs. Run by husband and wife team Martyn and Suzy Williams, we raise all our own pork on our farm.

We started keeping pigs about three years ago and it all started out initially when we bought a joint of pork from the supermarket and the children said it tasted like cardboard so we decided to look into what foods we were actually eating and what we found wasn’t good! So, we decided we’d rear our own pigs.

We initially started out with five pigs, just enough to fill the freezer with joints, chops and bacon to feed the family. Then we thought other people need to have access to such good quality meat products too.

So, in January 2013 we decided to diversify and began selling our quality pork at farmers markets, local produce markets and food festivals across south Wales. We also sell through our online shop and we operate a free local delivery service. We will be launching a UK wide mail order system in the Spring of 2014.

Today we have over 50 pigs and we sell on average 3-4 pigs a week. The health and wellbeing of our pigs is our top priority as we firmly believe that a happy pig makes for great tasting pork. We are out with the pigs every day for about 3-4 hours in the morning feeding them and mucking out. They are checked through the day and evening too.

It’s labour intensive, but it doesn’t actually feel like work as we enjoy it and know that the meat we are eating and selling is home reared and of great quality. We produce all our sausages, dry cured bacon, burgers, mince and cuts of pork by hand, on site at our smallholding, so that we can guarantee provenance and quality from start to finish.