Train as a natural chef with CNM

‘Train as a Natural Chef’ – a brand new course from College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

After a generation of Big Food dominating our range of food choices, it looks like more and more consumers are joining up the dots between what we eat and our health, and wanting to choose differently. To this extent, they are running ahead of many restaurants, cafés and take-aways, where it can be hard to find something on the menu that’s truly healthy.

‘Natural Chef’ is a brand new Diploma Course on offer from the UK’s largest training provider in natural therapies, CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine). The course has been developed to meet the growing demands of a society increasingly interested in food that supports and promotes health.

The course is suitable for food lovers, either who want to know more so they can serve up truly healthy and delicious food for the family, or who want to exploit the new ‘appetite’ for healthy food by turning their knowledge into a successful career as a Natural Chef.

Fundamental to CNM’s Natural Chef training is the understanding both that food is medicine, and that individualised food choices are necessary for health. Apart from food allergies and intolerances that have risen dramatically in the last 20 years, we all have different needs.

Since CNM is well-known for training Nutritional Therapists, it’s no surprise that budding Natural Chefs learn invaluable information about what food can do to the body. They learn the importance of the quality of food, and about the energetics of food, based on whole, organic, fresh and minimally processed foods procured in season.

Where and when?
CNM’s Natural Chef Training is done part time over 1 year. It begins with an on-line course in basic Anatomy & Physiology so that students get an understanding of how the digestive system functions. The second part is classroom based and focuses on the nutritional values of individual foods which impact our immunity, cognitive abilities and energy levels. Part 3 is the Chef Training based half the time in the kitchen at CNM London, and half the time on home assignments. This is the part where leading Natural Chefs teach essential cooking techniques.

Students learn methods for sourcing quality ingredients, culinary business principles, and the art of preparing delicious gourmet meals that focus on nutritional value. They learn food therapeutics, therapeutic menu writing and planning, and how to use their skills to build a culinary career. Finally, a 100 hour internship allows students to experience the role of a Natural Chef in a professional setting where they can hone their skills before qualifying as a CNM Natural Chef.

Qualifying as a CNM Natural Chef can open doors to a variety of careers, from being a Chef, to starting your own healthy catering business, from being a healthy cooking instructor or consultant, to a food product developer, recipe writer or blogger. Professionals such as fitness instructors, see the Natural Chef training as a way of developing their existing business.

Teaching is by a team of talented and successful nutritional therapists and chefs, and training takes place in small groups. CNM’s course starts this autumn. Places sold out quickly so more start dates are being added. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

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