Our mission

Thrive is simply about championing great ethical products, brands and companies who are on a mission to make the world a healthier place for everyone.

We connect you and your brand to the people who matter. Through website design, marketing, social media and PR we can help you make the connections to find your audience and grow.

We’re with you for the long term. This isn’t a quick feature or one-off opportunity. If we truly believe in your brand and your ethos, we’ll work with you to develop, and engage your fans and create a community.

I always think that starting a business is like growing a plant – you have to sow the seed, let the roots develop and bingo one day you’ll see those amazing shoots arrive. We help you to nurture and grow as a business and a brand.

At Thrive we champion and help new food, health or wellness brands and products to get their message heard. We offer design, marketing, PR and social media to help you to grow your audience and make the connections that count.

I believe in a different way of producing, shopping, eating and sharing and it’s a way of authenticity and kindness.

Sue Hay – Editor of Thrive Magazine

health and nutrition magazine

Who we work with:

  • Natural food products & brands – if you’ve got a new healthy product you’re looking to launch into the nutrition and foodie market – we can help
  • Health & Fitness brands – we help promote your fitness products into our targeted market of well being and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Bloggers – we love you, we love your recipes and enthusiasm. We can help promote you to the readers that will love your content too. Find out more

 What we publish:

Thrive Online: natural product reviews, recipes, Q&A’s, nutrition & health features and articles.

In the magazine: natural product reviews, recipes, Q&A’s, nutrition & health features and articles. Readers food journeys, exclusive interviews. Exclusive magazine features and content.

2016 editorial:

  • Spring: Detox & Refresh
  • Summer: Healthy on the go!
  • Autumn: Clean Eating issue
  • Winter: A healthy Christmas

Get in touch, let’s see how we can work together to make this mission easier.

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