Food changed my life


Life-changing events made Catherine Arnold give up her career in television to train as a Nutritional Therapist with CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine)

I had a successful career in television as a, director and producer of documentaries, before life changing events set me on a new, path working in holistic health.

In 2007 my partner,  Paul,  was rushed to, hospital after blood tests revealed he had, leukaemia,  he was 34. He faced 4 months of, chemotherapy and 2 years of maintenance, medication. I wanted to do something to help, to complement the conventional treatment, which I knew would knock out his immune, system and being so toxic would cause long, term side effects. So I sought advice from, a Nutritional Therapist,  and with her help, I changed Paul’s diet,  removing sugar and, dairy,  reducing his meat intake and increasing, plant-based foods.

I discovered that cancer, cells have more receptors for, glucose (sugar) than any other, cell,  they thrive on it,  they also, thrive in a body that is fuelled, with acidic foods such as dairy, meat and junk food.

I became completely fascinated by this new, knowledge and spent all my time reading and, finding out more. I embarked on a cooking, marathon,  preparing Paul’s food at home and, delivering it to his hospital bed every day,  for the duration of his treatment. Thankfully, Paul sailed through his chemotherapy,  and, is celebrating 9 years in remission.

In 2009 I became pregnant with our, daughter,  through IVF treatment. At the, time,  we were told IVF was the only option, as Paul was still taking chemotherapy, medication which would make his sperm, toxic and which was likely to leave him, infertile. I have since gone on to have a, second child,  but this time we didn’t use, IVF,  it was a natural conception.

We used, nutritional therapy to turn Paul’s sperm, from poor quality to completely normal in, a few months,  and also to get myself,  as a, statistically past my prime 41 year old,  into, the best of fertile health. We achieved this, through functional testing,  which meant, using a private laboratory to conduct, tests which established a picture of our, nutritional health and applying a nutritional, protocol to address the deficiencies and, issues that were uncovered.

After I had my first child,  I knew that I, needed to move into the field of nutrition to, share what had now become my absolute, passion. So I spent 3 years studying, part time at the College of Naturopathic, Medicine for a Diploma in Naturopathic, Nutritional Therapy. It was the best thing I, ever did.

I now use my knowledge and my love of healthy cooking to develop and share recipes on my website. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I am constantly amazed at the results that my clients see when they take charge of their health.

Nutritional therapy works, especially when it is applied with understanding, a commitment to change and a belief that optimum health is ours for the taking.

CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) is the UK’s leading training, provider in a range of natural therapies, including Diploma Courses in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine,  Acupuncture, Homeopathy,  Naturopathy,  and, Natural Chef Training,  all based on, the naturopathic approach.

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