Calling all brilliant writers & bloggers.

You’re the experts in the kitchen, we’re the experts online and when it comes to health, food and nutrition – we want to share your recipes and stories to help create a healthy change.

We’re looking for great guest writers and bloggers to contribute. We are interested in three types of articles; your knowledge about a specific health, nutrition or foodie topic, your own personal story/journey in health or a great clean eating recipe post.

Option 1 – I’ve got a passion

If you’re an avocado addict like me, or maybe you are obsessed with super foods, or you know everything there is to know about chia seeds. What ever your passion is then we want to share your message with our audience. Check the submission guidelines below and send your proposed article to: All articles will be credited fully with your website and social media links and may even get into our printed copy of Thrive Magazine.

Option 2 – Your own foodie journey

Have you ever thought ‘I should write a book’ then now’s your time to start sharing your story with our readers and community of Thrivers. We’d love to hear about your journey back to health, or your move from corporate world to food blogger. Tell us what and who inspired you to change. Tell us the struggles you still have. We want knobbly warts and all. Our readers need to hear your story.

Remember by sharing your journey you are helping someone else to begin theirs.

Option 3 – Clean eating recipe

Our readers and subscribers absolutely love a delicious clean eating/healthy recipe or two. So please send your recipe details (Ingredients and How to Make) along with 2 high resolution photos (jpegs at 300DPI) to All recipes will be credited fully with your website and social media links.

Read our full submission guidelines here.

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