Find the why behind your goals

Once you understand the ‘why’ behind the goal this takes the thought process to a whole new level.

So often people set a goal on a whim or because someone else suggested it or without a thought to the steps it will take to actually get there. Take a few moments to visualise having achieved the goal? What does that feel like for you? What does that goal mean to you deep down and what do you need to put in place to reach it?

Once you understand the ‘why’ behind the goal this takes the thought process to a whole new level, a deeply personal and long term level. Creating a total mind shift and ultimately setting the foundations for a new lifestyle.

Ideas and dreams are fun.
They are low risk, offering all the drama without the commitment. Setting your goals way up there can often serve as an easy way to back down into your comfort zone. The solution? Simply take things down a notch. Your ultimate goal will be no less than it ever will have been, you simply need to break it to smaller, tangible steps down to get there.

Tell people
Telling people about your goals takes the words from your mind to you mouth. They becoming grounded in a real life context giving you much less chance of backing out. Having people on your side fighting your corner keeps you accountable and provides support in your mission.

Create a routine.
The simplest things to do are also the simplest things not to do. You might get frustrated it frustrates when you can’t seem to find thetime to do ’10 minutes of stretching each morning’ which might lead to your greater fitness goal.

However, It’s not about being lazy. For these small simple tasks to find a consistent place within our daily/ weekly routines they need to be associated with a ‘trigger’ that you do everyday without fail (such as brushing your teeth) since they are often too small and insignificant an action on their own.

Find your trigger and then associate the new ‘habit’ with that trigger until it becomes second nature and is so fully embedded into you daily ritual that you no longer have to think or remember to ‘fit it in’.

 Jo Hodson – Including Cake