Farmers Markets

There’s a community of like minded people from all walks of life at Farmers Markets and they’re all interested in the same thing – good food

It was only after visiting a farmers market that I started to really think about the benefits of fresh, locally produced food. It’s a whole new experience, so different from the modern day supermarkets that have shelves stocked full of ‘food like’ products, with a baffling choice of everything from car insurance to fruit sourced from all across the world.

There’s a community of like minded people from all walks of life at a farmers market, and they’re all interested in the same thing: good food! Produce purchased from farmers markets tastes, looks, smells, feels, and is better for you than most of what you might find in a supermarket. At what cost to our health are we relying on supermarket food?

Food which has more than likely been grown thousands of miles away in a thermally and chemically controlled environment? Shopping at a farmers market cuts out the middle man and gives money directly to farmers, enabling them to continue to grow produce that is better for the environment and more importantly better for our health too.

These wonderful vibrant markets also allow the farmers to have direct conversations with consumers too, allowing them to share information about how the goods have been grown, harvested and their route to market.

With more and more evidence that locally grown, seasonal and organic foods are much better for you, I believe that the farmers market movement is something we should all be supporting. Remember, every pound you spend casts a vote, so vote wisely. Visit a farmers market near you and you’ll be in awe at the wide choice of fresh produce that has been grown locally and also tastes great


Deri Reed – The Ethical Chef