Thrive publishing aims to spread the word about healthy, ethical and interesting new brands in the arena of food and wellness. If you’re an exciting new company or a health-focused, authentic brand, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can feature you in Thrive magazine.

We love to spread stories about healthy products and brands. We offer a double page spread feature and full page advert in Thrive, plus promotion of your brand and products across our subscribers and social media community.

At Thrive magazine, we:

• Have access to an extremely targeted, yet global audience of readers aged 18-55, who are passionate about enhancing their health, eating better and improving their lifestyle.
• Screen each and every advertiser and only partner with ethical, healthy businesses and brands that we believe in.
• Have carefully selected advertising to ensure that reader’s enjoy our editorial, and advertisers get the most value from their promotion.
• Offer affordable, custom packages including social media promotion, magazine exposure and website features.

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• Thrive website had over 10,000 hits in it’s first month of going live.
• Featured on App Store and Google Play .
• Issuu stats of 10,747 reads and 119,932 impressions.
• Featured on READLY – one of the largest online digital platforms.
• Featured on Magzter – reaches over 27 million potential readers (US & UK)
• Community email circulation of 8,000+
• Shared on key influencer platforms: Issuu / Magzter / Imperfectly Natural / Mind Body Green / Huffington Post
• Social media audience of 32,000+

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Client Review

“We’ve advertised in Thrive Magazine for the past three issues and we seriously recommend other food businesses advertise too. We have gained new B2B customers and end user customers as a result. We believe that advertising in Thrive has increased our brand exposure to our target market – people who care about what they eat! We regularly have comments from new customers at Farmers Markets and Food Festivals saying that they were already aware of our company because they have read about us in Thrive Magazine. We feel that the general public wants to know more about food, not only where it comes from and how it is produced but also what food can do for our bodies and minds. What should we be eating and why? Ultimately, Thrive is a resource for all the questions we have about food. Good work Thrive! Keep it up” Suzy at Ty Siriol

Client Review

'Absolutely delighted with the great feature article Thrive wrote for us. Working together was a pleasure due to the professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm the team bought to the project. I have already recommended Thrive to other health professionals and healthy brands and will continue to do so. We look forward to working with Thrive as they grow and grow.' Niamh Hughes, Ernest Food Co.


Product Reviews

Would you like Thrive Magazine to review your products and publish a short review for our readers? If so please contact us using the form above. (Please note, we only review natural, ethical, authentic brands and products, across food, skincare, clothing and more.) Contact us above for the sample address.
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